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6 months! 

Six months ago, almost to the minute now (my appt was at 3:30) I was sitting on my couch like a beached whale. Dreading getting up and getting dressed because it took so much effort. I was using my belly as a table for my pasta. I even took pics that day!! 

I had no idea those would be my last belly pics! 

Our appt with hot doc was at 3:30. We were anticipating a c section the following day so this was supposed to be a quick follow up! 

That didn’t happen!  

My blood pressure had gone up and I had a headache (signs of preeclampsia) so hot doc decided to deliver that day!  

They wheeled me over to the hospital and Tierney was born at 6:40 and Ashlynn was born at 6:41!  What a crazy day! 

Here are the little nuggets today! 

They are sitting up by themselves and they love baby food!  Tierney (left) is more reserved and shy. Ashlynn loves to smile and will talk to anyone!  She’s a busy body!  They are both so unique. I love them so much!  

I even got to see them today – my sister needed help for a bit so I helped her with the girls. 

Ashlynn and I
Tierney and I

Happy six months girls!  Aunt Lisa loves you! 


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