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Senator meeting

We met with the legislative aide (Kate) to Senator McDonnell. They are extremely interested in drafting a bill and taking it to legislation in January. Missi and I will have to go to Lincoln to testify. The ACLU will be joining the fight. Kate seemed hopeful…but we have to get through to the old white men on the floor. Lol. 
We probably won’t hear much for a month or so… Kate is going to do some research and talk to the ACLU to jointly start drafting the bill. 
What we are asking for is to add a gestational carrier piece to the current surrogacy law. That would add a pre birth order which would avoid the whole relinquishment of parental rights and adoption. The mother would then go on the birth certificate at birth (not the carrier). 
If we can’t amend the current statute then we will have to draft a new one. We are waiting to hear on that. But the new one would ask for the same thing. 
Kate plans to “drop the bill” the first day of legislation (first week in Jan). She said it’s a short session so everything is done within 60 days. So come January… it’s kinda balls to the wall. 
Until then… we just correspond with her as needed. 
Pretty crazy they didn’t even HESITATE to pick this up! Here we go!!!!!  
Stay tuned…. 


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