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The squad…

Last night I got to hang out with Missi and the girls!  It had been a bit since I had seen them… I’ve been busy at work and home.  The girls are doing so well!  They are getting big!  They both have entered that stage where they smile. It’s so fun!  Here are some pics!!! 

Tierney and Ashlynn
Me and Ashlynn

No, she wasn’t pooping. She was actually smiling!
Me, Tierney, Ashlynn
Tierney and I

L to R: Tierney, Missi, Ashlynn, me

They both have such unique personalities. Tierney is more laid back and chill. Ashlynn is more expressive and social. I can see in 5 years, Ashlynn is gonna be a little troublemaker and Tierney will be taking the blame to protect her sister. That’s what I predict 😜

Hope y’all had a good weekend! 


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