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2 months old! 

The girls turned 2 months old on Monday!  So crazy!  Time sure is flying!!!  

Missi and Court are doing well. Court has been working a lot so Missi has really gotten the hang of taking care of both girls by herself!  

I have been working on getting my body back!  I’m finally 4 lbs under my prepregnancy weight, which is exciting. 

We had a huge flow of media requests about a week ago. It seems as though Julie Cornell’s story (KETV) caused the story to go viral!  We had media requests from international magazines, Inside Edition, and even People Magazine!  The Omaha World Herald (local newspaper) is currently working on a big story that will be on and in the printed newspaper. So that’s kinda cool!  The media requests have died down now, which we are totally ok with!  It was kind of overwhelming!  

Here is KETV’s story that went viral:

Julie’s story
My life is getting back to normal!!!  Now it’s time for the roller coaster of parenting for Missi and Court!  


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