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Just a quick update! 

Hi there!  It’s been almost 6 weeks since the girls have been born!  Everyone is doing great. Tierney weighs 6 lbs 10 oz and Ashlynn weighs 7 lbs 13 oz!  Getting so big!  Both are healthy!!!

Here is what I have been up to!

Pedicures for Missi’s birthday
Landscaping and planting flowers
Hiking with the pups!
Enjoying the nice weather!
A zoo trip with Julie

I’ve been off work 8 weeks total but 2 of those weeks I was still pregnant. I am fully recovered and will be released to go back to work next Tuesday. It’s been so nice having 6 weeks off!  I could get used to this! 😜

I am down to 2 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight. Its nice to be healthy again!  

I don’t have an update on when the KETV story will air yet but I will let you know!  

Stay tuned…..


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