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Today marks 1 month since the girls were born!  Time is flying by!!! They are now just above their birth weights and they are thriving!! 

Left – Tierney. Right – Ashlynn

Four weeks ago, Missi and I were sitting in a room at hot doc’s office. They had done an ultrasound and everything looked ok. Hot doc was slightly concerned about my BP (again). He became more concerned when I told him I had a mild headache. That’s when he told me I was going to the hospital. Thank goodness I had taken my bags!!!  

My BP just continued to rise and within 3 hours of us arriving at hot doc’s appointment, the girls were born!  

It all happened so fast! 

Since their birth, I’ve enjoyed visiting the girls and hanging out with my nieces. I get all the snuggles in the world and then get to give them back to mom or dad when they poop! 😜 

Missi and Court are fantastic parents… though no one had any doubt they would be!  It’s fun to see Court handle the girls… soooo…gently as if he’s afraid they will break.  And Missi is the typical mom… takes over jobs that Court is not yet confident with (securing the girls in their car seats). Usually Missi feeds one and Court feeds one but Missi is getting the hang of feeding both at one time!  That’s a skill in itself! 

Missi is also starting to join the baby wearing trend!  We went shopping for a wrap the other day. She tried it on when we got home:

Obviously she was being funny! 😂. She eventually figured it out 🙂:

I’ve been spending my time off doing things around the house. Cleaning that got neglected. Yardwork, etc. I’ve also started walking again!  I’m up to 5 miles a day and I’m really enjoying being active! I’m 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight… but man, these 3 lbs will NOT come off. 

Sophie and I went for a mini hike.

Thankfully, my BP has stabilized and I am now off my BP meds!  Dr. G says everything looks good!  

Today is also the day that Missi and I picked for me to stop pumping for the girls. I’ve been pumping for the last 4 weeks and I’ve been producing enough to feed BOTH girls!  This is a huge accomplishment. Twins are hard!  

But today is the day I must stop. I return to work in 2 weeks and I want to be dried up by the time I return. 

5 days worth of milk
Last pump!

I woke up this morning to ginormous, engorged boobs. I stopped waking to pump in the middle of the night a long time ago. So I wake up ready to pump every morning. The fact that I couldn’t pump this morning was extremely hard!  I’ve been given advice by some friends and I kinda knew what to expect. Pain. 

Friends told me to hand express in the shower, ice packs in the bra, take Sudafed, and cabbage leaves on the boobs. 

They weren’t lying when they told me it would be painful. I could tell my boobs were SO full as they were even funny shaped!  And felt like I had rocks in them. 

I hand expressed into the sink this morning. Hoping for just a little relief. I was surprised by the emotion that hit me while I was watching my breastmilk go down the drain. I was hit with so much guilt!  Why?  I don’t know!  I felt like I should be giving my milk to the girls. I felt like it was such a waste to go down the drain. I had a wave of emotion hit me and I cried (hard core) for about 20 minutes. I felt crazy 😂. 

I texted a friend who bluntly reminded me that the girls have benefited from my milk for 4 weeks and they are off to a good start. She reminded me of how much I’ve done and that it’s time to move forward. I needed that little reminder today. 

So I moved forward 😀. I wrapped the boobs in an ace bandage and shoved some frozen veggies in there:

The cold felt so good!  I also took some Sudafed. After icing for a bit I put on my tightest sports bra and ran a few errands. I ended up coming back home after about an hour because my boobs hurt so bad lol. 

I’m hoping if I continue to hand express and ice that the pain will quickly go away. I expected pain but nothing like this!! 

My ONLY other complaint is lasting carpal tunnel pain in my thumbs and wrist.  Anyone ever experience this??? It started about 3rd trimester and I know it’s common in pregnancy (due to swelling). But the pain has gotten worse since delivering. In the mornings I can barely lift anything the pain is so bad. I plan on talking to my OB about it on Wednesday. 

So, today we celebrate our little 1 month old miracles!   And we celebrate the end to another journey (pumping). 

Just a reminder that tomorrow Missi, Court, and I all sit down with Julie Cornell (KETV) for our follow up interview. I will post more about when it’s gonna air when I find out! 

Stay tuned…. 


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