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Family genes???

Also, can I just share this?! 

Me -left. Ashlynn -right

My sister and I look similar… people tell us this, though we don’t see it. I don’t have her baby pic but to show our family genes… compare this pic of me with this pic of Ashlynn. What do ya think?! 

And how bout this one?! 

Left -Tierney. Right – Court

How amazing is it that one looks like Our side of the family and one looks like Courts side of the family?!  So cool!!! 


3 thoughts on “Family genes???

  1. Po,estava ancioso para ver a nova pintura da equipe que torço.Cheguei seco aqui no blog e dou de cara com a pintura IDENTICA a do ano passado…Mas o carro tá diferente mesmo.Parace mais bem trabalhado do que o bom VJM03.Será que tio Vijay não vai trocar de piurVta???naleu Ico!!

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