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Happy Easter! 

Happy Easter everyone!  It’s been almost 3 weeks since I delivered the girls!  They are healthy and doing well!  

Ashlynn is 6.6 lbs and Tierney is 5.5 lbs. Their pediatrician is pleased with their weight gain (they dropped significantly after birth). 

Here are some fun pics for y’all:

Ashlynn -left. Tierney -right.
Ashlynn -left. Tierney -right.

Missi texted me so proud. She said that Court went running and was gone during the girls’ feeding time. She managed to feed both at the same time all by herself!  (And no…don’t freak out… the bottles are not propped). 

Ashlynn finds hair
Jaelyn meets the girls.

This is my niece Jaelyn. She belongs to my older sister. She was so excited to meet the girls!  

As the girls continue grow it’s so fun to see their unique personalities. They are both so different!!! 

I’m doing well 🙂 I’ve begun walking again (about 3 miles a day) to try to get my endurance back!  I tire very easily!  Working to lose some of the pregnancy weight!  I gained 50 lbs with the girls!  I have 4 more lbs to go until I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight. That’s pretty exciting! 

I wanted to repost this link in case you missed it the first time. This was our interview with KETVs Julie Cornell. KETV is the #1 news station in Omaha and Julie is one hell of a journalist. The reason I am reposting this is because we will be doing a follow up interview with Julie (starring the girls!). I don’t have much information right now but I will share as I know more!  

Here is the link to the first story: 

KETV story

If you want to follow Julie Cornell, KETV, on Facebook here is a link to her post about the story. She will update as the follow up interview is about to air! Click below to follow/see the story! 
Julie’s post about the story

Last, I got this sweet, sweet card in the mail the other day. I saw it was from the hospital I delivered at. I assumed it was some standard “thank you” card. I opened it and read the sweetest messages!  We definitely chose the perfect hospital!!! It made my day 🙂 


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