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On the road to recovery! 

Well, I had the girls 10 days ago. I was in the hospital 5 days. My BP was still acting up (too high) so they put me on some BP meds. They weren’t comfortable with me leaving until they could get my blood pressure to a safe range. As of today, I am still on these meds but I’m hoping it’s temporary. They’ve already cut my dose in 1/2 so I think we are making progress!!! 

Also, while in the hospital my iron (hemoglobin) level dropped pretty low. Docs aren’t really sure why but they put me on iron temporarily while In the hospital but then took me right back off. Since being at home, I just haven’t felt great. I have headaches and I’m constantly cold…like… freezing!  That is SO not like me. So my OB drew blood today, put me back on iron, and we wait for the results. 

Other than that, honestly I feel great!  I cleaned my house yesterday. While I had great help when I was massively pregnant… it was so nice to clean it myself! 

Today, the dogs and I took a short walk. They are so happy to be back outside and having their normal life back! 

So far I have lost 36 lbs. It just kinda fell off. I think a lot of it was water weight because I was very swollen.  14 lbs to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. Yes…. I gained 50 lbs 😏

Now onto what y’all care about… the babies!  Ashlynn and Tierney are doing so well!  They went home from the NICU yesterday (4-5-17). Nine days in the NICU- not too bad!  All they needed was to learn how to eat. That’s it!  We got so lucky!  They weigh just under their birth weights (5.14 and 4.11). 

Here is a pic of them leaving the NICU: 

Tierney-left Ashlynn-right

Currently they are eating about 3 oz 6 times a day. Two times a day they are on a special formula just to fatten them up a bit. Missi and Court are feeding them with her breastmilk (bottle – previously pumped) or she is nursing. They are supplementing with my breastmilk that I am pumping. They also have some donor milk. It’s kinda like a buffet 😜

Today I got some baby snuggles!  Here is a pic of Ashlynn and I: 

Tierney was passed out in her swing so I didn’t want to bother her. Next time… she’s all mine!!!!! 

Here are some fun pics! 

A lot of people have asked me how I’m doing emotionally. I’m sure you are all curious. Most people assume I have a “motherly bond” with the babies. Honestly, I don’t. It wasn’t one bit hard to “hand them over” (figuratively) to Missi and Court.  They are the parents. 

Since the beginning of this journey I kept the mindset that they are not my babies. Biologically they are Missi and Courts. 

Postpartum can often be difficult for women. I think ALL women go through a hormonal shift. I did experience this. In my opinion, it was nothing severe. A few good cries and I was done.  I kept my emotions to myself (with the exception of ONE time which I had no control over 😂). I wasn’t crying because I didn’t have the babies. I think that was my biggest fear. If I showed any sort of emotion after birth (sadness, crying, etc) then people are going to assume that I’m crying because I want the babies.  Or that they should be mine or something.  THAT is so far from reality.  The babies are where they are supposed to be… with mom and dad!  

I am in a group online with women who are also surrogates. Some women have had numerous surrogacy pregnancies. Some this is the first. This, obviously, is my first pregnancy AND surrogacy. They were kind enough to warn me of the hormonal shift. They all go through it too. That helped me feel a bit more normal. 

I also have great support from my friends. Getting a message that says “if you cry, you’re not crazy…”  haha such a great reminder!  I got a couple of those. 

I received so many texts and messages from people checking in on me. I had visitors at the hospital. I love my friends!  

I enjoyed being pregnant. It got hard at the end. Most people say carrying twins is the hardest thing they have ever done. It was hard but so worth it. Would I do it again? Yes. (Maybe only transfer one embryo next time 😜). Do I want children now? No. Hahaha. 

I’m happy to be living my (somewhat) normal life with my furkids. 

I will continue to blog. Please feel free to continue following (or follow). I will update about the girls and how life is going! 

Stay tuned….


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  1. HI Priya,Lovely rajma, looks so creamy 🙂 Thanks for paiitcipartng T&T event. I hope you ll get a chance to come up with something delish for T&T Jue as well, the Blog of The Month is Meena of Hooked on Heat 🙂

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