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Liquid gold…

I’m still in the hospital, which I’m ok with. My BP continues to go up and down so they are trying to get it to settle down. 

I’ve been pumping for the girls. I pump every 2-3 hours for 20-30 minutes at a time. Right now, I’m getting colostrum, which is so good for babies. Nurses often call it liquid gold because it is so good for the babies. 

Obviously the amount starts out small. But I am now up to 40 ml! 

Obviously Missi and Court are in the NICU with the girls and I’m in my own room; however, I am able to pump and take the the colostrum/milk to them so that they can give it to the girls. 

The hospital where we delivered at here in Omaha has been great. Missi induced lactation and they have allowed her to continue breastfeeding (as they should!). Initially they stopped her from breastfeeding as she wasn’t “birth mother.”  It was ridiculous. The doctors all met about it, and decided they were wrong to NOT let her breastfeed. So she is able to resume that. All the nurses have been fantastic with respecting the surrogacy process. I have felt nothing but respected and I hope my sister and Court have felt the same. 

This journey may seem “over” at this point but really, the journey of being Ashlynn and Tierney’s aunt is just beginning!  And I can’t wait!!!  


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