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Happy Birthday! 

It’s been a long week and I didn’t forget about y’all!  I wanted to update. 

Monday, March 27, Missi and I had a follow up appointment with hot doc. This was just to check Baby As fluid level and Dopplers. My BP was taken as well and was fairly high.  The first reading was 158/97 and the second reading was 148/96. They weren’t critically high; however, I let them know that I also had a dull headache. Because of these two things, hot doc was not comfortable sending me home. He stated that he wanted me put in the hospital for monitoring.  He said if things didn’t get better, they’d deliver the girls on this night. He said if they got better, we could deliver the following day. Our csection was already scheduled for Wednesday the 29th so really this was only a day early. 

We got over to Labor and Delivery where they started to monitorn my BP. It only continued to rise. This concerned the doctors so within approximately 30 minutes of being there, they decided to deliver the girls. That’s when things got chaotic. 

The girls were on monitors and they sounded great, so there was no concern there. Hot doc came in and was ready to deliver. He said he was not one bit concerned about delivering the girls at this time as they were so close to 36 weeks. They were delivered at 35 weeks 6 days (we almost made it!!!!). 

Missi was going to go into the operating room with me and Court was going to wait outside the doors for when the girls got wheeled out to (probably) go to the NICU.  I said bye to mom and dad who made it just in the nick of time. I was wheeled into the OR hallway where hot doc was waiting. They had me walk into the OR And sit on the edge of the bed for my epidural. I was so nervous for this part. The anesthesiologist was very nice and the nurses were very calming. They knew I was scared. The anesthesiologist struggled to get “the sweet spot” as he called it so I was poked a couple different times. I then felt a dull pressure which was uncomfortable. Next thing I knew – my legs were completely numb. It was the WEIRDEST feeling ever!  The nurses had to help me lay on the bed because I was numb. The numbness spread and I quickly became numb from my boobs down. They laid me there and draped a sheet so I couldn’t see what was happening. I remember asking them “I’m not going to feel this, right?!”  My fear was they were going to cut and I’d still feel it!  My BP danced around a bit and even dropped to like..90 over 70 something. I felt really lightheaded and nauseous. The anesthesiologist quickly gave me some meds and I felt better. Close call!  I just remember seeing Missi’s eyes watching my monitor and getting as big as quarters… lol. 

Hot doc came in and comforted me and threw around a joke or two and said he was ready. Next thing I knew, he was cutting. He said I was gonna feel some pressure, which I did…. and Baby A was born!  We didn’t get to see her as they took her straight to a bed to get her breathing.  I started to feel more pressure. It took awhile. Hot doc was digging “so hard” the table was wiggling… which is disturbing in itself… lol. Then Baby B was born!  We got to see her real quick but they took her to get her cleaned up. I was told both babies were ok but they were gonna go to the NICU. Missi went with them. 

I laid in the OR by myself while they continued to dig out the placentas, and close me up. I remember just laying there..staring at the ceiling… trying to contemplate what even happened!!!!  Everything happened so quick!  

They closed me up, put me on a different bed and wheeled me to recovery. Mom met me there. I laid there for awhile while the numbness wore off. The only thing that bothered me was that I got the shakes REALLY bad. I was told that was normal.  They wore off in about an hour. 

I stayed in L and D for awhile. Because of the high BP, I was put on magnesium for awhile as well. I’ve heard so many bad things about magnesium- it causesnausea, flu like symptoms. Thankfully, my body tolerated it pretty well!  

Here are some pics:

Baby A
Baby B
Missi cutting the cord

Above are some of the pics my sister and Court snapped during the birth and after. 

The mom and dad patiently waiting for their babies…

Hot doc even came to visit!!!!! 

And I got to visit:

My adorable nieces!  Welcome to the world Tierney Christine (baby a-left) and Ashlynn Marie (baby b- right)!!!  We love you!!! 

And yes, I was as exhausted as I look! Hahah. 


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! 

  1. Congratulations to all of you! What a wonderful thing you have done for your sister! I know you are going to be an amazing aunt!

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