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32 weeks and more! 

32 weeks!  This is a big week!  This is the week that doc at least wanted us to make it to!  And we did!  

The girls are doing well. Very active!  I am doing pretty well. Very tired. I still work approximately 45 hours a week and try to keep a house clean. It’s hard but I’m doin it!  

Sleeping is getting tough and sometimes I have nights like last night where I lay awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night. Here is my Fitbit app showing how I slept:

Rough night! Lol. But hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight!  

So Tuesday we saw hot doc. We had a growth scan done and dopplers!  We were hoping the girls would weigh close to 4 lbs but unfortunately they don’t. Baby A weighs 3.2 and Baby B weighs 3.5. They did not gain very much in the 3 weeks since the last scan. Baby A is in the 11th percentile and B is in the 25th percentile. 

Baby A’s fluid is low again. It’s reading around 3cm on the ultrasound (the low cutoff is 2) but when you look on the ultrasound you can see how close the membrane is to her little body… especially her face. 

Baby As cord still looks stable. So does Baby Bs. 

Baby Bs fluid level is just under 8. So still on the high end but he isn’t near as concerned about that. 

Hot doc told us that we should expect to deliver within the next two weeks. He said he fears that Baby A is “struggling” based on the fluid level, cord, and weight. He thinks her placenta just isn’t doing what it’s supposed to (which is giving her nutrients to grow).  Hot doc said it will be Baby A that makes him pull the trigger to deliver. He’s not so worried about B. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to help this. I am eating as much protein as I can in attempt to fatten them up some more but if the placenta is failing… it’s failing. 

Hot doc said everything is up in the air. He said I could potentially still go until 36 weeks (he won’t let me go any longer). He said I could deliver next week (33 weeks). It just all depends on each scan. Every week I show up to my appt with my bags packed. 

Here is a pic of what we see on the ultrasound when they are doing the dopplers. The doppler measures the blood flow through the umbilical cord. 

So, hot doc did let me go home another week!  We go back next Tuesday and see what he says. Each week is a huge milestone. 

If the girls were to be born tomorrow (they won’t be) they would be ok. They would need some time in the NICU but they would definitely be ok with minimal lasting effects. So that is reassuring. 

Also, I’m 95% positive I will be having a c-section. Just because of all the complications. Anyways, baby A is still breech. She is stubborn!!!! 

We got great pics of baby B!!!! 

Baby A refused to show her face. AGAIN. Shes gonna be the naughty one!!!! 

I caught another video tonight of Baby B remodeling. 

Baby B moving (click)
It’s so crazy to me to watch!!!!! 

Missi and Court have been hard at work on the nursery. Here are some pics! 

They won’t show the whole room because the babies names are above their cribs. Missi and Court are keeping them secret from EVERYONE!  I don’t even know what they are!  

I won’t have much to update until next Tuesday. I see Dr G my OB on Monday but she’s not calling the shots at this point, hot doc is.  It’s just a check in with her 😀

I will update when I know more! 

Stay tuned….! 


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