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Liquid gold…

I’m still in the hospital, which I’m ok with. My BP continues to go up and down so they are trying to get it to settle down. 

I’ve been pumping for the girls. I pump every 2-3 hours for 20-30 minutes at a time. Right now, I’m getting colostrum, which is so good for babies. Nurses often call it liquid gold because it is so good for the babies. 

Obviously the amount starts out small. But I am now up to 40 ml! 

Obviously Missi and Court are in the NICU with the girls and I’m in my own room; however, I am able to pump and take the the colostrum/milk to them so that they can give it to the girls. 

The hospital where we delivered at here in Omaha has been great. Missi induced lactation and they have allowed her to continue breastfeeding (as they should!). Initially they stopped her from breastfeeding as she wasn’t “birth mother.”  It was ridiculous. The doctors all met about it, and decided they were wrong to NOT let her breastfeed. So she is able to resume that. All the nurses have been fantastic with respecting the surrogacy process. I have felt nothing but respected and I hope my sister and Court have felt the same. 

This journey may seem “over” at this point but really, the journey of being Ashlynn and Tierney’s aunt is just beginning!  And I can’t wait!!!  

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Happy Birthday! 

It’s been a long week and I didn’t forget about y’all!  I wanted to update. 

Monday, March 27, Missi and I had a follow up appointment with hot doc. This was just to check Baby As fluid level and Dopplers. My BP was taken as well and was fairly high.  The first reading was 158/97 and the second reading was 148/96. They weren’t critically high; however, I let them know that I also had a dull headache. Because of these two things, hot doc was not comfortable sending me home. He stated that he wanted me put in the hospital for monitoring.  He said if things didn’t get better, they’d deliver the girls on this night. He said if they got better, we could deliver the following day. Our csection was already scheduled for Wednesday the 29th so really this was only a day early. 

We got over to Labor and Delivery where they started to monitorn my BP. It only continued to rise. This concerned the doctors so within approximately 30 minutes of being there, they decided to deliver the girls. That’s when things got chaotic. 

The girls were on monitors and they sounded great, so there was no concern there. Hot doc came in and was ready to deliver. He said he was not one bit concerned about delivering the girls at this time as they were so close to 36 weeks. They were delivered at 35 weeks 6 days (we almost made it!!!!). 

Missi was going to go into the operating room with me and Court was going to wait outside the doors for when the girls got wheeled out to (probably) go to the NICU.  I said bye to mom and dad who made it just in the nick of time. I was wheeled into the OR hallway where hot doc was waiting. They had me walk into the OR And sit on the edge of the bed for my epidural. I was so nervous for this part. The anesthesiologist was very nice and the nurses were very calming. They knew I was scared. The anesthesiologist struggled to get “the sweet spot” as he called it so I was poked a couple different times. I then felt a dull pressure which was uncomfortable. Next thing I knew – my legs were completely numb. It was the WEIRDEST feeling ever!  The nurses had to help me lay on the bed because I was numb. The numbness spread and I quickly became numb from my boobs down. They laid me there and draped a sheet so I couldn’t see what was happening. I remember asking them “I’m not going to feel this, right?!”  My fear was they were going to cut and I’d still feel it!  My BP danced around a bit and even dropped to like..90 over 70 something. I felt really lightheaded and nauseous. The anesthesiologist quickly gave me some meds and I felt better. Close call!  I just remember seeing Missi’s eyes watching my monitor and getting as big as quarters… lol. 

Hot doc came in and comforted me and threw around a joke or two and said he was ready. Next thing I knew, he was cutting. He said I was gonna feel some pressure, which I did…. and Baby A was born!  We didn’t get to see her as they took her straight to a bed to get her breathing.  I started to feel more pressure. It took awhile. Hot doc was digging “so hard” the table was wiggling… which is disturbing in itself… lol. Then Baby B was born!  We got to see her real quick but they took her to get her cleaned up. I was told both babies were ok but they were gonna go to the NICU. Missi went with them. 

I laid in the OR by myself while they continued to dig out the placentas, and close me up. I remember just laying there..staring at the ceiling… trying to contemplate what even happened!!!!  Everything happened so quick!  

They closed me up, put me on a different bed and wheeled me to recovery. Mom met me there. I laid there for awhile while the numbness wore off. The only thing that bothered me was that I got the shakes REALLY bad. I was told that was normal.  They wore off in about an hour. 

I stayed in L and D for awhile. Because of the high BP, I was put on magnesium for awhile as well. I’ve heard so many bad things about magnesium- it causesnausea, flu like symptoms. Thankfully, my body tolerated it pretty well!  

Here are some pics:

Baby A
Baby B
Missi cutting the cord

Above are some of the pics my sister and Court snapped during the birth and after. 

The mom and dad patiently waiting for their babies…

Hot doc even came to visit!!!!! 

And I got to visit:

My adorable nieces!  Welcome to the world Tierney Christine (baby a-left) and Ashlynn Marie (baby b- right)!!!  We love you!!! 

And yes, I was as exhausted as I look! Hahah. 

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Oh my!  I didn’t realize I haven’t updated since 32 weeks!  I’m sorry!  I’ve been a slacker and lazy!  

Today I am 35 weeks…still pregnant!!!!!  Which is a pretty big deal since we’ve been having so many issues. 

I feel huge!  We had a growth scan today and baby A is 4.3 pounds and baby B is 5.8 pounds. Baby As fluid is as low as 2cm, which is the lowest it’s ever been. Baby Bs fluid is around 8 (which is just fine). We were hoping that baby A would be a little bit bigger. She is growth restricted and we wonder if her placenta isn’t working quite as well as it should be.   

Since about 29 weeks we have been monitoring both babies’ Dopplers (blood flow through the umbilical cord) and fluid levels. The Dopplers have been stable since hot doc first noticed an issue. This is great news as he first told us to expect a downward trend (the Dopplers to get worse) and they haven’t!  Hot doc has been pretty impressed by this. We were first worried we wouldn’t make it to 32 weeks!  

Our last growth scan was at 32 weeks and Baby A weighed 3.2 pounds and Baby B weighed 3.5 pounds. They were small then.  Baby A was the 11th percentile and Baby B was 25th percentile. Now baby A is in the 3rd percentile and baby B is in the 30th percentile. 

Based on Baby As low fluid level and weight, the doc we saw today (hot docs partner) expects us to deliver “next week.”  What day?  We don’t know yet. I do go back Friday for a recheck and her fluid level looks worse, they may be delivered Friday. Regardless…. they will be here SO soon!  And since we hit 36 weeks we are hoping to avoid the NICU!!!  How crazy would that be?!  To go from having all these issues to delivering 2 healthy babies who don’t need NICU time!!  If they DO need NICU time, it won’t be long that they’ll be in there! 🙂 

So for the past couple weeks I’ve been having spikes in my blood pressure. No one is really sure why… as they’ve ruled out preeclampsia. I’ve been monitoring it at home but it has landed me in labor and delivery twice so far!  The first time was the worst. I had high BPs all morning. A friend stopped over to visit and I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. Thank goodness she showed up because she took me to labor and delivery. I told her (later) that she saved the day. 🙂  During this visit they kept me 24 hours to collect 24 hours worth of urine to test it for protein. This and lab work ruled out preeclampsia. The 2nd trip in wasn’t quite so exciting 😜. I wasn’t experiencing the extreme dizziness or nauseousness. They let me go that same night after a couple hours. My BP had stabilized.  I am to call the on call doc if my BP gets over 160 on the top or over 110 on the bottom. I have to have two consecutive readings that high. Here is what my BPs have kinda looked like since:

Because of the BP issues, hot doc took me off work. I have not worked for the past week and he says I’m done until after delivery. My job now is to lay on the couch and do very little. He does not have me on bedrest so I’m able to do some things but I do have to have someone come over and clean my house, etc.   Thats really hard for me because it’s just awkward to sit on my ass while someone else cleans!  

Tonight we had our last appointment with my attorney. We all (me, Missi, and Court) met out at his office to sign a Power of Attorney.  This legal document basically allows Missi to seek medical treatment for her own children. Remember, we live in Nebraska. Nebraska’s laws suck!  At the time of birth, I am considered the legal mother. Court is the legal father. Court and I will be put on the birth certificate. Six months after they go home, I relinquish my parental rights and Missi adopts her own biological children.  Sound ridiculous?  It is.  So…. in order for Missi to even be able to take her OWN children to a simple doctor’s appointment, I had to sign a Power of Attorney, giving her the ability to seek medical care.   We won’t have to do any more legal pieces until 6 months after birth when we have the relinquishment and adoption. This will be a day to celebrate! 😀

Here are some updated pics of the baby B. Unfortunately we don’t have any pics of baby A!  She is sitting SO low and is squished by Baby B that we can’t get good pics!  

The birth will 100% be a c-section. I’m nervous about this just because I don’t wanna be cut open. However; I trust hot doc. Baby A is still sitting breech with her butt in my cervix. She is sitting in a “V” shape. Baby B is still transverse, which means she is laying sideways across my belly. Neither one cooperated with assuming the correct position for birth! Haha. Stubborn girls. 

I will try to do better about updating!  Like I said earlier, I go back to the high risk doc on Friday (3 days). It won’t be hot doc as he is out of town this whole week. My goal is to make it till he comes back so he can deliver me!  

I will update when I know more…. 

stay tuned!!!!! 

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32 weeks and more! 

32 weeks!  This is a big week!  This is the week that doc at least wanted us to make it to!  And we did!  

The girls are doing well. Very active!  I am doing pretty well. Very tired. I still work approximately 45 hours a week and try to keep a house clean. It’s hard but I’m doin it!  

Sleeping is getting tough and sometimes I have nights like last night where I lay awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night. Here is my Fitbit app showing how I slept:

Rough night! Lol. But hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight!  

So Tuesday we saw hot doc. We had a growth scan done and dopplers!  We were hoping the girls would weigh close to 4 lbs but unfortunately they don’t. Baby A weighs 3.2 and Baby B weighs 3.5. They did not gain very much in the 3 weeks since the last scan. Baby A is in the 11th percentile and B is in the 25th percentile. 

Baby A’s fluid is low again. It’s reading around 3cm on the ultrasound (the low cutoff is 2) but when you look on the ultrasound you can see how close the membrane is to her little body… especially her face. 

Baby As cord still looks stable. So does Baby Bs. 

Baby Bs fluid level is just under 8. So still on the high end but he isn’t near as concerned about that. 

Hot doc told us that we should expect to deliver within the next two weeks. He said he fears that Baby A is “struggling” based on the fluid level, cord, and weight. He thinks her placenta just isn’t doing what it’s supposed to (which is giving her nutrients to grow).  Hot doc said it will be Baby A that makes him pull the trigger to deliver. He’s not so worried about B. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to help this. I am eating as much protein as I can in attempt to fatten them up some more but if the placenta is failing… it’s failing. 

Hot doc said everything is up in the air. He said I could potentially still go until 36 weeks (he won’t let me go any longer). He said I could deliver next week (33 weeks). It just all depends on each scan. Every week I show up to my appt with my bags packed. 

Here is a pic of what we see on the ultrasound when they are doing the dopplers. The doppler measures the blood flow through the umbilical cord. 

So, hot doc did let me go home another week!  We go back next Tuesday and see what he says. Each week is a huge milestone. 

If the girls were to be born tomorrow (they won’t be) they would be ok. They would need some time in the NICU but they would definitely be ok with minimal lasting effects. So that is reassuring. 

Also, I’m 95% positive I will be having a c-section. Just because of all the complications. Anyways, baby A is still breech. She is stubborn!!!! 

We got great pics of baby B!!!! 

Baby A refused to show her face. AGAIN. Shes gonna be the naughty one!!!! 

I caught another video tonight of Baby B remodeling. 

Baby B moving (click)
It’s so crazy to me to watch!!!!! 

Missi and Court have been hard at work on the nursery. Here are some pics! 

They won’t show the whole room because the babies names are above their cribs. Missi and Court are keeping them secret from EVERYONE!  I don’t even know what they are!  

I won’t have much to update until next Tuesday. I see Dr G my OB on Monday but she’s not calling the shots at this point, hot doc is.  It’s just a check in with her 😀

I will update when I know more! 

Stay tuned….!