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31 weeks! 

I hit 31 weeks this Tuesday!  So exciting! 

I feel large! Haha. Everything is getting hard!  It’s hard to bend, sit, walk, sleep. But it’s so worth it in the end. The girls have been super active and already enjoy beating the crap outta each other in utero. 

We had two appointments this week!  Hot doc was on Tuesday. We had the dopplers (checking blood flow through the cords) reran and fluid levels checked. Baby As fluid is about 3.5. Baby Bs fluid is still over 8. But doc didn’t seem TOO concerned. He said the dopplers still looked stable and we go week by week still. He is hoping I make it to 34 weeks!  Me too!  Next Tuesday when I go back we will do a growth scan to see the size of the girls. I’m hoping they’re around 4 pounds!  Once doc knows the size of the girls I think he will be able to make more decisions on delivery and when he thinks that might happen. 

Wednesday I had my OB appt. Dr G was gone so I had to see a nurse practitioner. I was feeling rather crampy again on this day so I told the NP about it. She checked my cervix and I’m still not dilated (which is great!) and she put me on the monitors for a bit. She wanted to monitor for contractions. The machine read that I was having the same minor contractions as over the weekend. Apparently this is normal and they are not strong enough to cause my cervix to dilate. This is a good thing. 

Earlier this week I had been so tired. I’m not sleeping well and I’m still working 40 hours a week. I feel like a walking zombie. Finally, Wednesday night I feel like I slept like a rock. I woke up Thursday feeling pretty good!  Got ready for work and planned to have a nice productive day. Around 11am I started to get extremely hot and sweaty (visibly). I started to feel really dizzy and then nauseous. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I took my blood pressure and it was 138/78 which is not TOO high for me. I called my doctor and let them know what was going on. Dr G was gone but her triage nurse wanted me to come in to get checked. So, for the 3rd day in a row, I went to the doctor. They took my blood pressure (which was about the same) and tested my urine. My urine does not have any protein in it, which is great. Protein in urine is a sign of preeclampsia. The doctor thinks I’m not eating enough. I dont know how they expect me to fit more food in my stomach when I have two babies squishing everything lol. They don’t really know what’s going on but said just to rest and take it easy. It’s now 7:30pm and I still don’t feel real well, but better than I did earlier. 

Tonight I was able to capture this video of Baby B remodeling LOL. Here is the link: 

Baby B moving
So it seems as though these girls are making this last trimester tough. But I know it’s worth it. If you are the one I vent to, complain to, or ask questions to… thank you!  I appreciate you 🙂   I flew through the first and second trimesters with minimal complaints. This third one is kicking my butt… especially the last week or so!  

Just know, if I seem to be complaining, don’t take it as me having ANY regrets. Because I don’t. I would do it again (maybe transfer 1 embryo next time 😜) in a heartbeat. Seeing Missi and Court prepare for two babies has been so fun and I know their excitement is building. There are no two people that deserve this more than they do. So… yes, I complain or vent because this is hard. But no regrets! 

Hopefully no more news until next Tuesday when we go back and see hot doc! 

Stay tuned! 


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