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Just a little pit stop…

So just to update y’all… this past Friday I had the day off work!  I got a pedicure and had lunch with a friend. Came home and walked the dogs because the weather was BEAUTIFUL for February in Omaha (65 degrees!). We didn’t go to far, but it was nice to get out of the house and on the walking trail for awhile! 

After our walk, I did some very light cleaning. 

That evening around 5pm, I started to have some weird cramping that I’d never had before. My lower back hurt. I know that’s common with pregnancy (especially twins) but it felt different. The best way I could describe it was it felt like a kidney infection was radiating across my lower back hip area. Lol. I also had some cramping in the front, down low. It felt like I was going to start my period. I upped my water intake and laid on the couch for awhile. After about an hour, and it not going away, I thought it might be best just to call the doc and let em know. 

I called on call OB. Told the gal what I was feeling and that I was also working with Perinates (hot doc) and that he had been watching some concerns (see previous blog post). The gal asked if I was bleeding (I said no). She asked if I had any fluid leakage (I said no). I was calling from laying on my couch… so I guess I hadn’t been vertical for an hour. Lol. She was just going to have me take a Tylenol and call her back in an hour but she decided with twins and being high risk, I should probably just go to Labor and Delivery to get checked. 

Augh!  Scary!  So of course I start to panic!  I figured they’d tell me to keep laying down and everything will be fine!  First thing I do is text Missi and let her know. She obviously was ready to meet me at L & D. I started to get dressed and went to the bathroom. I noticed a tiny little bit of blood. So I panic more!… because that just makes sense πŸ™„

I get dressed, let the dogs out, and tell them I’ll be back soon (you do that too, right?!) I jumped in my car. I then realize how big of an idiot I am and that I should have stopped for gas after lunch with my friend earlier! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. I had to stop for gas on the way to L & D. I was feeling fine… just having the same cramping. 

So I get to the hospital and Missi is already there. We go to L & D and get checked in. They put belly monitors on both babies and a separate monitor to check for contractions.  

The machine showed both babies had great heartbeats and they were moving great. They kept kicking the monitors which was humorous. The monitor checking for contractions showed that I was having some mild ones. They monitored me for awhile. 

All of a sudden Missi and I hear a voice that was all too familiar. We both looked at each other wide eyed and laughed. Hot doc was working that night! All of a sudden he comes in my room, flings back the curtain and said “what the HELL are you doing here?!”  We all laughed. Just so y’all know, hot doc is a joker. Nothing he says is offensive. He says he’s glad we came in and I told him we were makin him work for his money 😜

So hot doc ran some tests (checked for vaginal infection, UTI, etc). He also checked to see if I was dilated. He said my cervix is 100% closed. This was a good thing. Funny thing is, he’s sitting on my bed, checking my cervix, and goes “oh!  You got your toes done!” 😳. Yes, yes I did. Thank you for noticing. 

So everything looks good. They said babies are great and I’m not dilated. Perfect. Let me go home! But noooopppeee. 

Hot doc decides I have to stay. He said they wanted to continue to monitor me for 24 hours but also, because I was at the hospital already, he wanted to go ahead and start the steroid injections. The steroid injections help the babies lungs, eyes, etc develop at a quicker pace in the event of preterm labor. So they gave me the first shot at 8:45pm on Friday night. He said I would have to get the 2nd shot 24 hours later (Sat night at 8:45pm) and I’d have to stay until at least then. Ugh. Fine. 

So I spent 24 hours in the hospital being monitored. There were times where I wasn’t having any contractions and then there were times where I was having very minor contractions. The nurses all said it was pretty normal for this point in pregnancy. 

I laid in bed for about 24 hours watching TV. Missi came up to visit on Saturday for a little bit so that was nice!  I had friends and family texting me keeping me somewhat occupied but I was bored!  I don’t sit very well. Lol. 

I will say, the bonus was the swelling in my feet hugely diminished!  They were barely swollen! 

Before and after 24 hours in bed

For the first time in a long while, my feet and legs felt great! 

Saturday evening came. The doctor (who works with Dr G.. I’d never met her before) came in and told me the plan. Another steroid shot at 8:45pm. She said “because we don’t like to kick people out so late, I’ll have you stay overnight again.”  I immediately responded with “no… I’d like to go home if everything is ok.”  She said she’d consider it. Blah… the bed was so uncomfortable and I slept like shit. I just wanted to be home! 

8:45pm came, the nurse came in. Said the on call doc was ok with me going home after the shot IF I am still not dilated and the babies are ok. So they put me back on the monitors to check the babies and check for contractions. The nurse checked for dilation (“still Fort Knox” she said – which means tightly closed). She gave me my steroid shot.  All good news! 

The first time I got the steroid shot I got it in my left back hip area. Dear God, did it sting. But it was doable. This time she gave it to me in my right leg. Holy mother of God did it hurt! Lol. I consider myself to be able to tolerate pain pretty well but holy crap. It stung so bad. I was actually texting with a friend at the time and I dropped my phone from the pain! Lol. Oh well. It’s done!  It’s over!  


They let me go home! Phew. I walked out of the hospital at like…9pm. I seriously felt like I was walking out of jail πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

I have an appt with hot doc this coming Tuesday (tomorrow) and an appt with Dr G on Wednesday. These were already scheduled. Hot doc will be redoing the dopplers and checking blood flows, etc. Hoping that everything is still looking ok!  There is always the chance I could be put back in the hospital for monitoring 😬😬😬. 

Until then, I’m home and resting!  Glad to be home, glad the babies are ok, and glad that there are NO signs of preterm labor at this point!  

I’ll update after my appts this week! 

Stay tuned! 


2 thoughts on “Just a little pit stop…

  1. Sthgrait no chaser! This post was straight to the point and just what needed to be heard. why do we tolerate and accept things we know in our heart its not the right thing???

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