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30 weeks!!! …and an update…

Alrighty folks!  I hit 30 weeks this past Tuesday!!!!  Woo hoo!  

Feelin large and in charge!  This week I’ve really noticed how low Baby A is!  She’s way down in my hips and it’s gotten a little uncomfortable. Also, still dealing with swelling in my feet but doc is aware and is not concerned (he said “good God girl… you are swollen!”). Haha. 

So, as y’all know we had a little bit of a scare last week. Hot doc was concerned about fluid levels, difference in size of the babies, and cord restriction. So we were to return to his office this past Tuesday.  Depending on how this appointment went, I could be looking at hospital bedrest. Doc said 50/50 chance. 

Missi and I went to the appt. Unfortunately due to the appt being somewhat short notice, Court was unable to make it. 

They reran the dopplers which measures the blood flow through the babies. They measured their fluid levels. And they checked their movement. 

Baby As fluid went up a little bit!  She went up to 3.2 from 2.5. Remember 2 is too low. Doc even said he thinks there is MORE than 3.2 but he struggled to measure it due to Baby A being a butt head 🙂 

Baby Bs fluid went up as well, which is not as good of news. She went from 8.1 to 8.4. 8 is too high. So… we aren’t sure why she has so much fluid. Doc checked both babies and they are doing their practice breathing perfectly!  

Hot doc kept laughing because both girls were just little wiggle worms. They were moving all over and even had a little bit of a fist fight during their exams. Guess they’re moving just fine :). Nice to see sibling rivalry starts early!  

Hot doc checked the blood flow from the placenta through the cords to babies. He said that there is “some restriction” but it doesn’t seem to be effecting the babies. He said that it will need to be closely monitored but that things are looking “stable.”  Conditions have not worsened since the previous appointment… which we kind of expected to happen (to worsen!). It was a huge relief!!!!  Hot doc let me stay out of the hospital!! Missi and I were full expecting for me to have to go in!  

Doc seemed much more hopeful this week!  He did say that it is necessary for me to come back weekly for more Doppler tests to watch everything. So, I will be returning to his office every Tuesday. Which I’m totally fine with! 

The bummer news is that both girls have moved from head down back to being transverse. Which means they are laying across my belly. Hot doc said that Baby A was so low she was nestled in my hips. He said “I bet that feels like a cantaloupe in your hips!”  Kinda doc, kinda! Lol. 

Hot doc did not run measurements of the babies so we don’t know what their weights are or if they have evened out a little. I don’t think we will know that for a couple more weeks. But, doc did say that if their weights even out and they turn back head down, he would POSSIBLY be willing to discuss the option of birthing vaginally. This makes me hopeful!  I think he knows how much I would prefer to deliver vaginally (duh!). He said we’ll discuss it more as time moves on. 

Missi asked hot doc if he can see these babies making it to 38 weeks. He adamantly said “no.”  We SO appreciate his honesty and we tell him that all the time. Hot doc said he is shooting for 32 weeks first but that he would like to see more like 34 weeks. 32 weeks is a little early…I’d like the girls to cook until at least 34 weeks!  

So, as hot doc said “each week is a big week.”  I am to take my hospital bag to every appointment as I could very easily be tossed in the hospital at any time for further monitoring. But each week I am out of the hospital, the better!!! 

He also mentioned giving me steroid shots next week. These will help the babies lungs develop quicker in preparation for an early birth. I don’t know much about these steroid shots so I will be researching and will update!  

The girls were happy mom came home!!!!! We celebrated with extra cuddles 🙂 

Stay tuned…!!!!!


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