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The other shoe drops…

So on Tuesday, we made it to 29 weeks!  No major complaints except the usual heartburn, being tired, and feet swelling. 

On Wednesday we had our appointments with hot doc and our OB both. 

First we saw hot doc. This was for a cervical length check and growth scan for the girls. 

The tech came in and did her scanning. Said everything looked good. Because of previous concerns for fluid levels, I asked how the fluid levels looked and she said “good!”  Baby B weighs 3.2lbs and Baby A weighs 2.8lbs. Good weights…however; their difference in weight is greater than 20%. It’s 21%. So because of that, hot doc came in and did some scanning of his own. 

This is when it got a little awkward. He started scanning stuff using the ultrasound and he was very quiet for about 10-15 minutes. He had a very serious look on his face. We all three (myself, Missi, and Court) noticed a very different demeanor from hot doc. So we all sat in silence and let doc do his scanning. He then said “I have to go to my computer and do some calculations. I’ll be right back” and he left the room. Uh. What?!  We all sat there completely clueless as to what was happening. Obviously we were concerned! 

Doc came back. He said because of the weight difference between the girls and the fluid levels being so different (uh what? She said they were fine!) he had some concerns. Baby Bs fluid level is 8.1. They consider “too high” to be 8. Baby As fluid level is 2.5. They consider “too low” to be 2. So Baby B is on the high end. Baby A is on the low end. 

Hot doc said he ran some Dopplers (which shows blood flow) from the placentas through the umbilical cords. The umbilical cords/placentas are showing “some resistance.”  Meaning… they aren’t working at 100%. But. The babies are looking fine!  They are moving and swallowing as they should be. Their brains look just fine. 

Doc went on to say that because of this I will have to have MUCH more monitoring. I have to go back next Tuesday -the 14th for them to check dopplers again. He said then 1 of 2 things will happen. 

1) I will have to come to his office AT LEAST once a week for monitoring. 


2) on Tuesday I will be put in the hospital for constant monitoring. 

WHAT??  Things escalated so quickly!  We have had a PERFECT pregnancy!  I became emotional and couldn’t help but think this is something that I did wrong. Doc said there is nothing I did wrong. He said there is nothing I can do to fix it. He told us that this is a risk of having twins. He acknowledged that we flew threw 1st and 2nd trimesters with no complications and this is common with twins. You hit 3rd trimester and you start to see some complications. A little warning would have been nice!!! We went to this appointment expecting to be in and out and no concerns. 

So. I have no other information at this point other than we wait. We wait until Tuesday at my appointment for doc to make the decision whether I get to go home or go to the hospital. When I asked him if I should bring a bag to the appt he said “bring a bag.”  

He doesn’t think this is anything that will get any better. We just don’t want it to get any worse. 

All that being said, I could still continue to carry these babies for a number of weeks. I will just be monitored (hospital or not). I did ask if the babies had to be delivered tomorrow (they don’t!  Just an example) if they would survive. He said the survival rate is 95% and the risk for long term effects at this point is minimal. GREAT NEWS!  Obviously… the longer they cook the better!  

Our goal at this point is to make it to 32 weeks. I’ll be 30 weeks on Tuesday. I think they is a completely obtainable goal!  

While we did get the news that the girls were both (FINALLY) head down… I probably will have to deliver via c section. I was so excited for them to be head down too!  That’s all I needed for a vaginal birth… but oh well. Things change. 

We did get some cute pics of Baby B who was being cooperative for once!  

I will be spending my weekend shopping and packing a bag and preparing for a hospital stay. Doc said the chances are 50/50 at this point. It’s been an emotional 24 hours but we are all staying positive!  The most important thing in all of this is that the girls are ok and are born healthy… whenever that may be. 

If you pray… say a prayer. If you hope… say a hope. Any positive vibes for a good appointment on Tuesday will be much appreciated! 

I will update as soon as I can! 

Stay tuned….


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