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Celebrating Missi

Yesterday, Sunday February 5, we had Missi’s baby shower. It was so nice to see friends and family come together to support her becoming a mom!  I had a few friends there as well… to thank them for being such a support to me during this whole process. 

Here are some pics 🙂 

I brought two of the gifts… 😜

We played a game where I got to feed Missi different flavors of baby food and she had to guess. It was quite hilarious! 

My mom, Missi, me, my older sister Jennifer, and my niece Jaelyn. 

My friends came to support! 😍

These outfits say “wishes do come true.”  So sweet!!!! 

Guests were able to make iron on onesies (designed themselves!). They turned out so cute!!! 

I spent today, Monday, working from home. I kinda overdid it yesterday at the shower so I was feeling a little sore and swollen today. After relaxing most of the day in my recliner (my job is awesome because it lets me do that!) I feel a little better!  Don’t mind the lack of paint on the toes… a pedicure will be happening soon! Lol. These pics were taken later in the day today after the swelling had gone down some! 

I have both an OB and a high risk doc appt coming up on Wednesday. Excited to see how much these little buggers weigh now!  

Stay tuned…!! 


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