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28 weeks!

Officially third trimester regardless of who you ask!!!!  Holy cow!  I can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going!!!!! 

I feel absolutely ginormous. I don’t know if I look it, but I sure feel it! Lol. The babies are getting bigger! 

I’ve been trying to eat more protein. Ive been doing a good job (I think!) but I’m SO sick of it lol.  I’ve found a few high protein foods that I like… so I’m eating a lot of the same stuff. But it’s ok because I know the girls need it. And the more protein I can eat the better. But I would rather sit down and eat cake. Just sayin. 

This week has been pretty good. Other than getting tired when I walk too far and my belly being tight there haven’t been a whole lot of changes. When I saw my OB last time I told her to test my urine for a UTI. I swore I had one. Well… I don’t. And after talking to some people I have realized that the “pain” I’m feeling is Baby A pounding at the door to get out. Lol. Apparently she’s kicking my cervix. I’ll be sitting and all of a sudden I get a hard jab and it feels like a sharp shock in my woo hoo. It’s pretty fantastic 🙄

The other thing I’ve noticed is that my boobs hurt. Bad. I know as we get closer to the end that they’re prepping for milk but damn…. I feel like someone is pinching them 😂.

Last bit of fun news… Missi, Court, and I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Julie Cornell of KETV (in Omaha).  Julie is a longtime, well known journalist/reporter for our #1 news station here in Omaha. She had heard about our journey and wanted to tell our story!  I think I mentioned that we were doing a fun little project in a previous post… well this is it!  

So we met with Julie twice. I’m not gonna go into detail because the story hasn’t aired yet but it’s done!  And it airs tomorrow, Thursday, February 2, 2017. It airs on KETV, channel 7. 

Those of you who are not in the viewing area but you want to watch the story can watch it live on You can click on now cast at the top of the website and stream it live. 

If you’re unable to watch, I will try to post a link after 🙂 

Here is the link to the promo:

Julie’s promo
If that doesn’t work, here is the link you can copy and paste:

Sunday is Missi’s baby shower!  I can’t wait to help her celebrate with family and friends!!!  Lots of pics to come!  

Stay tuned….! 


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