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31 weeks! 

I hit 31 weeks this Tuesday!  So exciting! 

I feel large! Haha. Everything is getting hard!  It’s hard to bend, sit, walk, sleep. But it’s so worth it in the end. The girls have been super active and already enjoy beating the crap outta each other in utero. 

We had two appointments this week!  Hot doc was on Tuesday. We had the dopplers (checking blood flow through the cords) reran and fluid levels checked. Baby As fluid is about 3.5. Baby Bs fluid is still over 8. But doc didn’t seem TOO concerned. He said the dopplers still looked stable and we go week by week still. He is hoping I make it to 34 weeks!  Me too!  Next Tuesday when I go back we will do a growth scan to see the size of the girls. I’m hoping they’re around 4 pounds!  Once doc knows the size of the girls I think he will be able to make more decisions on delivery and when he thinks that might happen. 

Wednesday I had my OB appt. Dr G was gone so I had to see a nurse practitioner. I was feeling rather crampy again on this day so I told the NP about it. She checked my cervix and I’m still not dilated (which is great!) and she put me on the monitors for a bit. She wanted to monitor for contractions. The machine read that I was having the same minor contractions as over the weekend. Apparently this is normal and they are not strong enough to cause my cervix to dilate. This is a good thing. 

Earlier this week I had been so tired. I’m not sleeping well and I’m still working 40 hours a week. I feel like a walking zombie. Finally, Wednesday night I feel like I slept like a rock. I woke up Thursday feeling pretty good!  Got ready for work and planned to have a nice productive day. Around 11am I started to get extremely hot and sweaty (visibly). I started to feel really dizzy and then nauseous. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I took my blood pressure and it was 138/78 which is not TOO high for me. I called my doctor and let them know what was going on. Dr G was gone but her triage nurse wanted me to come in to get checked. So, for the 3rd day in a row, I went to the doctor. They took my blood pressure (which was about the same) and tested my urine. My urine does not have any protein in it, which is great. Protein in urine is a sign of preeclampsia. The doctor thinks I’m not eating enough. I dont know how they expect me to fit more food in my stomach when I have two babies squishing everything lol. They don’t really know what’s going on but said just to rest and take it easy. It’s now 7:30pm and I still don’t feel real well, but better than I did earlier. 

Tonight I was able to capture this video of Baby B remodeling LOL. Here is the link: 

Baby B moving
So it seems as though these girls are making this last trimester tough. But I know it’s worth it. If you are the one I vent to, complain to, or ask questions to… thank you!  I appreciate you 🙂   I flew through the first and second trimesters with minimal complaints. This third one is kicking my butt… especially the last week or so!  

Just know, if I seem to be complaining, don’t take it as me having ANY regrets. Because I don’t. I would do it again (maybe transfer 1 embryo next time 😜) in a heartbeat. Seeing Missi and Court prepare for two babies has been so fun and I know their excitement is building. There are no two people that deserve this more than they do. So… yes, I complain or vent because this is hard. But no regrets! 

Hopefully no more news until next Tuesday when we go back and see hot doc! 

Stay tuned! 

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Just a little pit stop…

So just to update y’all… this past Friday I had the day off work!  I got a pedicure and had lunch with a friend. Came home and walked the dogs because the weather was BEAUTIFUL for February in Omaha (65 degrees!). We didn’t go to far, but it was nice to get out of the house and on the walking trail for awhile! 

After our walk, I did some very light cleaning. 

That evening around 5pm, I started to have some weird cramping that I’d never had before. My lower back hurt. I know that’s common with pregnancy (especially twins) but it felt different. The best way I could describe it was it felt like a kidney infection was radiating across my lower back hip area. Lol. I also had some cramping in the front, down low. It felt like I was going to start my period. I upped my water intake and laid on the couch for awhile. After about an hour, and it not going away, I thought it might be best just to call the doc and let em know. 

I called on call OB. Told the gal what I was feeling and that I was also working with Perinates (hot doc) and that he had been watching some concerns (see previous blog post). The gal asked if I was bleeding (I said no). She asked if I had any fluid leakage (I said no). I was calling from laying on my couch… so I guess I hadn’t been vertical for an hour. Lol. She was just going to have me take a Tylenol and call her back in an hour but she decided with twins and being high risk, I should probably just go to Labor and Delivery to get checked. 

Augh!  Scary!  So of course I start to panic!  I figured they’d tell me to keep laying down and everything will be fine!  First thing I do is text Missi and let her know. She obviously was ready to meet me at L & D. I started to get dressed and went to the bathroom. I noticed a tiny little bit of blood. So I panic more!… because that just makes sense 🙄

I get dressed, let the dogs out, and tell them I’ll be back soon (you do that too, right?!) I jumped in my car. I then realize how big of an idiot I am and that I should have stopped for gas after lunch with my friend earlier! 🤦🏼‍♀️. I had to stop for gas on the way to L & D. I was feeling fine… just having the same cramping. 

So I get to the hospital and Missi is already there. We go to L & D and get checked in. They put belly monitors on both babies and a separate monitor to check for contractions.  

The machine showed both babies had great heartbeats and they were moving great. They kept kicking the monitors which was humorous. The monitor checking for contractions showed that I was having some mild ones. They monitored me for awhile. 

All of a sudden Missi and I hear a voice that was all too familiar. We both looked at each other wide eyed and laughed. Hot doc was working that night! All of a sudden he comes in my room, flings back the curtain and said “what the HELL are you doing here?!”  We all laughed. Just so y’all know, hot doc is a joker. Nothing he says is offensive. He says he’s glad we came in and I told him we were makin him work for his money 😜

So hot doc ran some tests (checked for vaginal infection, UTI, etc). He also checked to see if I was dilated. He said my cervix is 100% closed. This was a good thing. Funny thing is, he’s sitting on my bed, checking my cervix, and goes “oh!  You got your toes done!” 😳. Yes, yes I did. Thank you for noticing. 

So everything looks good. They said babies are great and I’m not dilated. Perfect. Let me go home! But noooopppeee. 

Hot doc decides I have to stay. He said they wanted to continue to monitor me for 24 hours but also, because I was at the hospital already, he wanted to go ahead and start the steroid injections. The steroid injections help the babies lungs, eyes, etc develop at a quicker pace in the event of preterm labor. So they gave me the first shot at 8:45pm on Friday night. He said I would have to get the 2nd shot 24 hours later (Sat night at 8:45pm) and I’d have to stay until at least then. Ugh. Fine. 

So I spent 24 hours in the hospital being monitored. There were times where I wasn’t having any contractions and then there were times where I was having very minor contractions. The nurses all said it was pretty normal for this point in pregnancy. 

I laid in bed for about 24 hours watching TV. Missi came up to visit on Saturday for a little bit so that was nice!  I had friends and family texting me keeping me somewhat occupied but I was bored!  I don’t sit very well. Lol. 

I will say, the bonus was the swelling in my feet hugely diminished!  They were barely swollen! 

Before and after 24 hours in bed

For the first time in a long while, my feet and legs felt great! 

Saturday evening came. The doctor (who works with Dr G.. I’d never met her before) came in and told me the plan. Another steroid shot at 8:45pm. She said “because we don’t like to kick people out so late, I’ll have you stay overnight again.”  I immediately responded with “no… I’d like to go home if everything is ok.”  She said she’d consider it. Blah… the bed was so uncomfortable and I slept like shit. I just wanted to be home! 

8:45pm came, the nurse came in. Said the on call doc was ok with me going home after the shot IF I am still not dilated and the babies are ok. So they put me back on the monitors to check the babies and check for contractions. The nurse checked for dilation (“still Fort Knox” she said – which means tightly closed). She gave me my steroid shot.  All good news! 

The first time I got the steroid shot I got it in my left back hip area. Dear God, did it sting. But it was doable. This time she gave it to me in my right leg. Holy mother of God did it hurt! Lol. I consider myself to be able to tolerate pain pretty well but holy crap. It stung so bad. I was actually texting with a friend at the time and I dropped my phone from the pain! Lol. Oh well. It’s done!  It’s over!  


They let me go home! Phew. I walked out of the hospital at like…9pm. I seriously felt like I was walking out of jail 😂😂😂. 

I have an appt with hot doc this coming Tuesday (tomorrow) and an appt with Dr G on Wednesday. These were already scheduled. Hot doc will be redoing the dopplers and checking blood flows, etc. Hoping that everything is still looking ok!  There is always the chance I could be put back in the hospital for monitoring 😬😬😬. 

Until then, I’m home and resting!  Glad to be home, glad the babies are ok, and glad that there are NO signs of preterm labor at this point!  

I’ll update after my appts this week! 

Stay tuned! 

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30 weeks!!! …and an update…

Alrighty folks!  I hit 30 weeks this past Tuesday!!!!  Woo hoo!  

Feelin large and in charge!  This week I’ve really noticed how low Baby A is!  She’s way down in my hips and it’s gotten a little uncomfortable. Also, still dealing with swelling in my feet but doc is aware and is not concerned (he said “good God girl… you are swollen!”). Haha. 

So, as y’all know we had a little bit of a scare last week. Hot doc was concerned about fluid levels, difference in size of the babies, and cord restriction. So we were to return to his office this past Tuesday.  Depending on how this appointment went, I could be looking at hospital bedrest. Doc said 50/50 chance. 

Missi and I went to the appt. Unfortunately due to the appt being somewhat short notice, Court was unable to make it. 

They reran the dopplers which measures the blood flow through the babies. They measured their fluid levels. And they checked their movement. 

Baby As fluid went up a little bit!  She went up to 3.2 from 2.5. Remember 2 is too low. Doc even said he thinks there is MORE than 3.2 but he struggled to measure it due to Baby A being a butt head 🙂 

Baby Bs fluid went up as well, which is not as good of news. She went from 8.1 to 8.4. 8 is too high. So… we aren’t sure why she has so much fluid. Doc checked both babies and they are doing their practice breathing perfectly!  

Hot doc kept laughing because both girls were just little wiggle worms. They were moving all over and even had a little bit of a fist fight during their exams. Guess they’re moving just fine :). Nice to see sibling rivalry starts early!  

Hot doc checked the blood flow from the placenta through the cords to babies. He said that there is “some restriction” but it doesn’t seem to be effecting the babies. He said that it will need to be closely monitored but that things are looking “stable.”  Conditions have not worsened since the previous appointment… which we kind of expected to happen (to worsen!). It was a huge relief!!!!  Hot doc let me stay out of the hospital!! Missi and I were full expecting for me to have to go in!  

Doc seemed much more hopeful this week!  He did say that it is necessary for me to come back weekly for more Doppler tests to watch everything. So, I will be returning to his office every Tuesday. Which I’m totally fine with! 

The bummer news is that both girls have moved from head down back to being transverse. Which means they are laying across my belly. Hot doc said that Baby A was so low she was nestled in my hips. He said “I bet that feels like a cantaloupe in your hips!”  Kinda doc, kinda! Lol. 

Hot doc did not run measurements of the babies so we don’t know what their weights are or if they have evened out a little. I don’t think we will know that for a couple more weeks. But, doc did say that if their weights even out and they turn back head down, he would POSSIBLY be willing to discuss the option of birthing vaginally. This makes me hopeful!  I think he knows how much I would prefer to deliver vaginally (duh!). He said we’ll discuss it more as time moves on. 

Missi asked hot doc if he can see these babies making it to 38 weeks. He adamantly said “no.”  We SO appreciate his honesty and we tell him that all the time. Hot doc said he is shooting for 32 weeks first but that he would like to see more like 34 weeks. 32 weeks is a little early…I’d like the girls to cook until at least 34 weeks!  

So, as hot doc said “each week is a big week.”  I am to take my hospital bag to every appointment as I could very easily be tossed in the hospital at any time for further monitoring. But each week I am out of the hospital, the better!!! 

He also mentioned giving me steroid shots next week. These will help the babies lungs develop quicker in preparation for an early birth. I don’t know much about these steroid shots so I will be researching and will update!  

The girls were happy mom came home!!!!! We celebrated with extra cuddles 🙂 

Stay tuned…!!!!!

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The other shoe drops…

So on Tuesday, we made it to 29 weeks!  No major complaints except the usual heartburn, being tired, and feet swelling. 

On Wednesday we had our appointments with hot doc and our OB both. 

First we saw hot doc. This was for a cervical length check and growth scan for the girls. 

The tech came in and did her scanning. Said everything looked good. Because of previous concerns for fluid levels, I asked how the fluid levels looked and she said “good!”  Baby B weighs 3.2lbs and Baby A weighs 2.8lbs. Good weights…however; their difference in weight is greater than 20%. It’s 21%. So because of that, hot doc came in and did some scanning of his own. 

This is when it got a little awkward. He started scanning stuff using the ultrasound and he was very quiet for about 10-15 minutes. He had a very serious look on his face. We all three (myself, Missi, and Court) noticed a very different demeanor from hot doc. So we all sat in silence and let doc do his scanning. He then said “I have to go to my computer and do some calculations. I’ll be right back” and he left the room. Uh. What?!  We all sat there completely clueless as to what was happening. Obviously we were concerned! 

Doc came back. He said because of the weight difference between the girls and the fluid levels being so different (uh what? She said they were fine!) he had some concerns. Baby Bs fluid level is 8.1. They consider “too high” to be 8. Baby As fluid level is 2.5. They consider “too low” to be 2. So Baby B is on the high end. Baby A is on the low end. 

Hot doc said he ran some Dopplers (which shows blood flow) from the placentas through the umbilical cords. The umbilical cords/placentas are showing “some resistance.”  Meaning… they aren’t working at 100%. But. The babies are looking fine!  They are moving and swallowing as they should be. Their brains look just fine. 

Doc went on to say that because of this I will have to have MUCH more monitoring. I have to go back next Tuesday -the 14th for them to check dopplers again. He said then 1 of 2 things will happen. 

1) I will have to come to his office AT LEAST once a week for monitoring. 


2) on Tuesday I will be put in the hospital for constant monitoring. 

WHAT??  Things escalated so quickly!  We have had a PERFECT pregnancy!  I became emotional and couldn’t help but think this is something that I did wrong. Doc said there is nothing I did wrong. He said there is nothing I can do to fix it. He told us that this is a risk of having twins. He acknowledged that we flew threw 1st and 2nd trimesters with no complications and this is common with twins. You hit 3rd trimester and you start to see some complications. A little warning would have been nice!!! We went to this appointment expecting to be in and out and no concerns. 

So. I have no other information at this point other than we wait. We wait until Tuesday at my appointment for doc to make the decision whether I get to go home or go to the hospital. When I asked him if I should bring a bag to the appt he said “bring a bag.”  

He doesn’t think this is anything that will get any better. We just don’t want it to get any worse. 

All that being said, I could still continue to carry these babies for a number of weeks. I will just be monitored (hospital or not). I did ask if the babies had to be delivered tomorrow (they don’t!  Just an example) if they would survive. He said the survival rate is 95% and the risk for long term effects at this point is minimal. GREAT NEWS!  Obviously… the longer they cook the better!  

Our goal at this point is to make it to 32 weeks. I’ll be 30 weeks on Tuesday. I think they is a completely obtainable goal!  

While we did get the news that the girls were both (FINALLY) head down… I probably will have to deliver via c section. I was so excited for them to be head down too!  That’s all I needed for a vaginal birth… but oh well. Things change. 

We did get some cute pics of Baby B who was being cooperative for once!  

I will be spending my weekend shopping and packing a bag and preparing for a hospital stay. Doc said the chances are 50/50 at this point. It’s been an emotional 24 hours but we are all staying positive!  The most important thing in all of this is that the girls are ok and are born healthy… whenever that may be. 

If you pray… say a prayer. If you hope… say a hope. Any positive vibes for a good appointment on Tuesday will be much appreciated! 

I will update as soon as I can! 

Stay tuned….

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Celebrating Missi

Yesterday, Sunday February 5, we had Missi’s baby shower. It was so nice to see friends and family come together to support her becoming a mom!  I had a few friends there as well… to thank them for being such a support to me during this whole process. 

Here are some pics 🙂 

I brought two of the gifts… 😜

We played a game where I got to feed Missi different flavors of baby food and she had to guess. It was quite hilarious! 

My mom, Missi, me, my older sister Jennifer, and my niece Jaelyn. 

My friends came to support! 😍

These outfits say “wishes do come true.”  So sweet!!!! 

Guests were able to make iron on onesies (designed themselves!). They turned out so cute!!! 

I spent today, Monday, working from home. I kinda overdid it yesterday at the shower so I was feeling a little sore and swollen today. After relaxing most of the day in my recliner (my job is awesome because it lets me do that!) I feel a little better!  Don’t mind the lack of paint on the toes… a pedicure will be happening soon! Lol. These pics were taken later in the day today after the swelling had gone down some! 

I have both an OB and a high risk doc appt coming up on Wednesday. Excited to see how much these little buggers weigh now!  

Stay tuned…!! 

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Share our story :) 

As promised, here is the link to our story that aired on KETV channel 7 news. Julie Cornell (reporter) did a fantastic job!!!  

KETV story
Also, as you can imagine, this has been a very expensive process for Missi and Court. All medical costs prior to an established pregnancy come completely out of their pocket. If you’d like to donate – here is their Go Fund Me account 🙂 

Go Fund Me
Thanks for watching!!  Feel free to share our story!  

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28 weeks!

Officially third trimester regardless of who you ask!!!!  Holy cow!  I can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going!!!!! 

I feel absolutely ginormous. I don’t know if I look it, but I sure feel it! Lol. The babies are getting bigger! 

I’ve been trying to eat more protein. Ive been doing a good job (I think!) but I’m SO sick of it lol.  I’ve found a few high protein foods that I like… so I’m eating a lot of the same stuff. But it’s ok because I know the girls need it. And the more protein I can eat the better. But I would rather sit down and eat cake. Just sayin. 

This week has been pretty good. Other than getting tired when I walk too far and my belly being tight there haven’t been a whole lot of changes. When I saw my OB last time I told her to test my urine for a UTI. I swore I had one. Well… I don’t. And after talking to some people I have realized that the “pain” I’m feeling is Baby A pounding at the door to get out. Lol. Apparently she’s kicking my cervix. I’ll be sitting and all of a sudden I get a hard jab and it feels like a sharp shock in my woo hoo. It’s pretty fantastic 🙄

The other thing I’ve noticed is that my boobs hurt. Bad. I know as we get closer to the end that they’re prepping for milk but damn…. I feel like someone is pinching them 😂.

Last bit of fun news… Missi, Court, and I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Julie Cornell of KETV (in Omaha).  Julie is a longtime, well known journalist/reporter for our #1 news station here in Omaha. She had heard about our journey and wanted to tell our story!  I think I mentioned that we were doing a fun little project in a previous post… well this is it!  

So we met with Julie twice. I’m not gonna go into detail because the story hasn’t aired yet but it’s done!  And it airs tomorrow, Thursday, February 2, 2017. It airs on KETV, channel 7. 

Those of you who are not in the viewing area but you want to watch the story can watch it live on You can click on now cast at the top of the website and stream it live. 

If you’re unable to watch, I will try to post a link after 🙂 

Here is the link to the promo:

Julie’s promo
If that doesn’t work, here is the link you can copy and paste:

Sunday is Missi’s baby shower!  I can’t wait to help her celebrate with family and friends!!!  Lots of pics to come!  

Stay tuned….!