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27 weeks! 

Third trimester…depending on who you ask! lol  Some say 27 weeks. Some say 28. 

Things have gotten a bit tough the past few days. My belly feels so heavy so my upper ab muscles are constantly tired and sore. I have a lot of pressure by my pubic bone so that’s a bit uncomfortable too.  I was out of breath before but now I’m ALWAYS out of breathe. Especially after walking (yes…simply walking lol) or eating. I just had yogurt for breakfast. The little container… nothing extreme. And now I am sitting here and I can’t breathe. Lol. So that’s fun 🙂 

I use my maternity support belt at home. Yesterday, I tried KT tape. It’s the tape that you see athletes use for their muscles. Trust me… I’m anything but an athlete at this point but I read that it can help with aches and pains during pregnancy.  I think the tape helped a little bit, but probably not enough for me to wear the tape everyday. And taking it off hurt like a son of a bitch 😂

My other symptom is lightheadedness or dizziness. The past couple days I have been feeling very lightheaded in the mornings. Not sure why. But sometimes it gets so bad I feel slightly nauseous too. 

On Monday the 23rd I had a high risk doc appt. When Missi and I got to the office there was some sort of mix up and my appt had gotten cancelled by a nurse!  Ugh!  They squeezed me in anyways but I didn’t get to see hot doc. Instead I saw…weird doc. Lol. He was very nice….just a little…different. 

My cervix is at a 4.1 which, according to weird doc, is impressive.  They want it over a 4.  When he saw the number he whistled. Yep, he whistled about my cervical length. 

He also mentioned that I passed my Diabetes test… which we knew. But he said that I passed with a 98 and that is super low and also impressive for someone with multiples. Go me! 💪🏼 lol 

He asked if I was eating enough protein… which I know I’m not. I don’t have much of an appetite lately and I eat very little. He said I HAVE to do better with that. He said every meal and snack has to be high in protein 🙄

He mentioned that both babies look great. They were moving all over and AGAIN refusing to get their pictures taken.  They are DEFINITELY my sister’s stubborn children! Lol. 

We were able to snap this one just before Baby B rolled over and showed us her back. 

That’s the best profile we’ve gotten of Baby B!  

Weird doc said that their amniotic fluid levels are ok but that Baby B might be a hair high. I was kind of annoyed because I have researched fluid levels and I knew the cut off. So I asked him “what is Baby B’s fluid measuring at?”  He said it was measuring at a 6. Baby A is measuring at a 4. Fluid levels aren’t even worrisome until they are at an 8. That is considered high. I just rolled my eyes. He said “sometimes that can be attributed to not eating enough protein.”  I, again, rolled my eyes. Hot doc has NEVER mentioned that. But ok. I’ll up my protein. 

The past couple days I’ve been trying to eat Greek yogurt, high protein granola, cottage cheese, string cheese, peanut butter, etc. I also have tried a protein shake, which is not my fav but I can choke it down. 

Other than that, weird doc said everything looks great. No concerns.

I don’t mean to sound like a complainer and I try to keep it at a minimum. I know there are so many women out there who would kill to experience pregnancy-my sister being one of them. Just know, that even though this post is slightly…whiny… I know I am so lucky to have had an uneventful pregnancy thus far. I do NOT take it for granted 🙂 

As far as weight gain goes, it has slowed down.  I weighed the same on the 23rd as I did on the 9th of January. Obviously the babies are growing so it’s ok. :). I’m at 35 lbs gained. Yikes! Lol 

I see my OB today (Dr G). I am expecting an uneventful visit! 

Stay tuned!!!….


2 thoughts on “27 weeks! 

  1. Girl!! Your weight gain is perfectly reasonable!! I gained 55 lbs and only had one baby!! I’ve taken off over half in this last month. They say breastfeeding/pumping does that. The third trimester is by far the most uncomfortable. Don’t feel bad about complaining. We all do it. Even those of us who wanted a baby so bad we went to extreme measures. You’re doing great!!

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