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25 weeks, blood work, and so much more

Sorry I forgot to update for 25 weeks! 

I feel pretty good!  I am realizing my limitations now.  My back gets pretty sore after a day of cleaning. That’s to be expected. I recently got fitted for a maternity support belt so well see if that helps! 

My blood work came back (that hot doc drew) perfect. He called me himself and said he has no concerns at all for pre eclampsia, even though my BP keeps playing jokes on him. Lol. 

He asked that I do my glucose test soon. I did that on Friday, Jan 13th. 

The drink still isn’t so bad but man, about an hour after I drink it (around blood draw time) I feel so lightheaded and nauseous. I suppose all that sugar makes me feel that way. 

I got my results back from the glucose test. I was so nervous for this one. I think I had myself convinced that I had gestational diabetes. If I convince myself ahead of time, then getting bad news is easier 😜

I passed!  With flying colors, in fact! With an even better score than at 16 weeks πŸ˜‹  With twins, a lot of women fail the 1 hour test. If you fail the 1 hour test you have to take the 3 hour test which is more sugar drink and 3 blood draws. I’m sooooo thankful!!  

I have been so lucky!  Really. I don’t say that to “brag” but I say it in…shock. My BP is still reading normal at home but high at hot doc’s office. He doesn’t like that… but not much we can do about it. Especially since my blood work was perfect 😜 

I did go see my primary care doctor this week for some sinus and ear pain I’ve been having.  I wasn’t happy with her diagnosis (or lack of). Just said my ears need to pop πŸ™„. So, I’ve been taking Sudafed the past couple days. Doesn’t help 100% but helps take the edge off. My PCP did take a urine sample to make sure I didn’t have a UTI or anything since those can pop up so quick with pregnant women. Well, apparently sometime between Monday and Wednesday I got a yeast infection (TMI). Lol. So that’s fun. I’ve never had one before but apparently they’re common in pregnant women. I don’t think I even had any symptoms!  So now I’m on antibiotics for that. 

I don’t have much more of an update for y’all at this time. This coming Wednesday (the 18th) Missi, Court, mom, and I are having a 3D ultrasound done. So that should be neat!  

I’ll try to update with pics πŸ™‚ 

My next doctor’s appt is with hot doc on the 23rd πŸ™‚ 

Here in Omaha we are expecting a really bad ice storm. So the kids and I are bunkered down and ready to stay warm!  

Stay tuned!!!! 


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