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Smelly butt…

Today we saw hot doc and our OB. Hot doc did a growth scan. Baby A is 1 lb 8 ounces and Baby B is 1 lb 10 ounces. They are in the 30th percentile. They look great!  Hot doc did check Baby B’s amniotic fluid and it is back under the “high” limit. Good news!!!! So we are no longer concerned about too much fluid around Baby B!  

My blood pressure was high again.  Annoying. I really just think it’s white coat syndrome but hot doc sent me for some blood work just to make sure everything is ok.  He told me to keep monitoring it at home and call him if the top number gets to 150 or the bottom number gets to 100 (normal is 120/80). Dr G (OB) thinks this is funny because my BP is always decent at her office. She says I don’t like to see hot doc.. bahah! 

My cervix is measuring at a 4 still. This is fantastic!  I think I have an iron clad cervix 😂

Dr G. assigned me some home work. She has 3 child birth videos she wants me to watch. I’m not gonna lie… I’m scared 😂

We talked a little bit about delivery. Because I’m having twins I will have to deliver (even vaginally) in the OR. This is normal in case Baby A slides out and they have to do an emergency c-section for Baby B. Because of this, the only people that will be allowed in the room during delivery are Missi and Court. I’m a little disappointed as we wanted more family present but the safety of the babies comes first. I will still labor in a regular room. 

I really enjoy both our doctors. They both said that even if they aren’t on call they do everything they can to get to the hospital to deliver. A familiar face is everything. Both hot doc and Dr G will be at the delivery… as hot doc says “two people are needed.. there are lots of hands and feet coming out”. 

I also have to do my 2nd glucose test within the next week or so. Blech. Praying the gestational diabetes stays away!  

Waiting for blood work results. The lab lady said that my doctor will get the results tonight so if it’s emergent I’m assuming I would have heard by now. I will update when I get the results.

Stay tuned for the 25 week update tomorrow!!!! 

Ps. Not a lot of ultrasound pics today. Both girls were being so stubborn and didn’t want to show their faces. Though… at one point, Baby As head was right in Baby Bs butt 😂

So on the top left is the back of Baby As head. Her shoulder and back  is below. To the right of the pic is Baby Bs butt 😂😂😂😂


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