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24 weeks! Viability week!!!!!

Holy cow!!! We made it to viability week!  Which means that If something were to happen and the babies had to be born, they have a chance of survival!  This is a huge week in women’s pregnancies!  

This chart shows the percentage of survival rates: 

25 weeks will be even better!!!!!  While 24 weeks is something to celebrate… obviously every day moving forward is great for the babies!  They say “one day in (womb) equals 2 days out (of NICU). So for every day these girls stay in.. that’s 2 days they don’t have to spend im NICU!  Obviously we are all shooting for full term: 38 weeks. 

Here is my 24 week belly pic:

I’m feeling pretty good!  My belly was super tight today but that’s just because the girls are growing!  They are the size of an eggplant (1.5 lbs and 12 inches long). 

This chart shows how the girls will grow moving forward with the pregnancy. Pretty interesting! 

I still feel the babies move, mostly at night once I settle down in my chair. I’m to the point where I can feel them kick and move on the outside. I can also see my belly jump!  I’m trying to catch it on video for Missi and Court but I’m not fast enough! I’m working on it though! 

My BP has stayed normal which is fantastic!  I have the chronic pregnant chick stuffy nose which is apparently normal. It’s rather obnoxious not being able to breathe out my nose! Lol 

Today my feet swelled pretty good while at work. I attribute it to the 1/2 a bag of pretzels I smacked on last night. 😂

Earlier today at work

I will be elevating them for awhile 🙂 

I’m struggling with finding maternity pants that I like. The ones I love that I wear now are getting to tight in the belly. It’s frustrating. Not too tight in the butt or waist, but in the belly. The top band on my pants is too tight… so I’ll be on the search for new maternity jeans very soon. I’m not even that big… how do they expect women with twins to wear jeans?! 

What a pain… 

Next appointment is Jan 9!  We see both the OB and the high risk doctor (hot doc). 

Stay tuned!….


5 thoughts on “24 weeks! Viability week!!!!!

  1. Get pants that sit below the belly. When I got to the end of my pregnancy they were the most comfortable. I even wore non-pregnancy leggings and only pulled them up to just below my belly. 🙂 So excited you reached viability. I remember how exciting that was. Not to mention a relief.

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