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23 weeks and so much more! 

23 weeks. Holy cow!  Moving right along!  Still feeling great!  

Had my cervix check last Friday the 23rd. Sorry it’s taken me so long to update. Cervix looks good… at about 3.75. Hot doc is happy with that. They did a quick ultrasound and checked out babies’ hearts and facial features (checking for cleft palate and features of Downs Syndrome). Both look great. Hot doc has no concerns. 

Hot doc did mention that Baby B has a little bit of extra amniotic fluid around her. This COULD be a concern… OR …it could be nothing. Hot doc seems to think it might be due to how Baby B was positioned during the ultrasound. It’s common with twins when they are both smooshed in there. He said it could also be a result of Gestational Diabetes. He will have me tested again after my next appt (Jan 9). I’m HOPING it’s not that. GD would be miserable. But… we wait and see. I will have another ultrasound on the 9th and they will check the fluid then too. 

My BP was high during this appointment. Hot doc suggested I get a BP machine for home and take my BP 2x a day for a couple days. He had me return to the office yesterday (12-28) for a BP check. My BP at home had been great. My BP at the office yesterday was 123/82 which is pretty good. Hot doc thinks I have “white coat syndrome” and I am subconsciously nervous at the doctors office. He said my BP is normal :). Yay!!!!! 

Here is a fun comparison picture for you. The pic on the right is from today. Crazy what 3 weeks will do! 

More exciting news!  Tonight I felt Baby B moving all around (I think she liked the handful of M and Ms I had)!  I have been feeling them for awhile. But, for the first time I felt Baby B kick from the outside!  I also saw my belly jump. I am so excited for Missi and Court to be able to feel and see them move!!! 

I also know this means things could get uncomfortable very quickly…lol.

It’s a pretty cool feeling… I’m so excited for them!  

Next appt is Jan 9 when we go to hot doc AND see my OB. Hoping to have answers on the fluid stuff and hoping my BP stays low!  

Stay tuned…. 


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