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22 weeks! 

22 weeks! Feelin good! Had a couple rough days this past week… belly pain and back discomfort. I think it was caused by Baby B being in a bad spot. I’m sure she has somewhat moved by now as I feel fine! 

I am starting to feel actual kicks and movements vs tickles. I don’t feel a ton yet though 🙂 

My only real complaints are heartburn here and there and being out of breath lol. The scale continues to go up (😳) which I’m trying to deal with. I found ALL the extra weight I’ve gained… it’s in my upper thighs! Lol 

I have had some swelling but it’s manageable. My sister got me some compression socks and those help ALOT!  

My next appt is this Friday for a cervix check. 🙂
Stay tuned!!!….


One thought on “22 weeks! 

  1. Dün sözünü ettiÄŸimiz yukarı seviye alçağı 4 gün içinde güçlenerek diÅŸe dokunur hale geliyor. Hem çekirdeÄŸi soÄŸuyor, hem de giderek derinleÅŸiyor! Sonra da İç Anadolu’ya çıkıp yapıyor. Kısaca bu gidiÅŸatta bozulma olmazsa çok az zaman sonra Tosaolrr’da yağışlar baÅŸlar, 2-3 güne İç Anadolu ve İç Ege’ye doÄŸru yayılmaya baÅŸlar.

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