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Anatomy scan 

Today we saw Hot doc for our anatomy scan. They measured EVERYTHING on both babies. It’s so crazy what they can see through ultrasound. They measured arms, legs, fingers, head, abdomen, kidneys, bladder, heart, spine, the cord etc. The list goes on and on. 

Me, Missi, Court and the ultrasound chick all had a good laugh at Baby A. She was making ultrasound chick work for her money today!  She was moving all around, kicking her legs and her arms were just a goin’….  it was so funny’.

Baby B was pretty chill, as always. She was asleep at the beginning of the ultrasound but woke up after a bit. She was not very cooperative with giving us a good profile shot. But, here she is… sucking her thumb again: 

Hot doc said both babies look great! No markers for Downs Syndrome, no concerns, with the heart, or other important body parts. The hearts will be checked again in 4 weeks just because they will be a hair bigger then. 

Both girls weigh about 11oz. Baby A is closest to the exit and used to be laying on the right side of my lower abdomen. Apparently she has moved more to the left side and she is back to being head down, feet up. 

Baby B is still laying horizontally up by my ribs. Her head is on my right side. She used to be more on the left side of my upper abdomen but is now more on the right side. Apparently they are dancin around in there 🙂 

My blood pressure was still a hair high but hot doc said he wasn’t concerned and that it’s a normal BP for someone carrying twins. 

I don’t have any swelling or soreness. I struggled with constipation so bad since hot doc has added in the iron supplement. We came up with a plan for that (sorry.  TMI). 

Cervix is measuring at 4.1. They like to see it over 4 but don’t get worried until it’s closer to 2.5. I go back for 3 more cervix checks, each every 2 weeks. 

After seeing hot doc we went downstairs and saw our OB. It was a quick visit. She just wanted to check in and see how things were going. My BP was lower in her office than in hot docs office so she isn’t one bit concerned. 

After a morning of doctors appointments, me, Missi, and Court went to mom and dads for a little project. I can’t say much now, but I will fill you in soon!  We had fun snapping pics! 

Next appointment is my cervix check in 2 weeks. 

Stay tuned! 


One thought on “Anatomy scan 

  1. Uma coisa é certa a adrenalina dele (Futre) foi tanta que me contagiou pois eu a esta hora já levo +/- 2h de sono … vai ser bonito amanha.O que vale é que este circo acaba no Sabado.Agora mais a sério estamos F… eu tenho a minha escolha mas compreendo que quem não tenha um candidato definido a esta hora deve estar completamente pedodris.Espero que sejam felizes na escolha.SL

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