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16 weeks! 

Quick 16 week update. It’s been an exciting week!  

First: here is my 16 week pic:

Second: we had our 2nd OB appt and our 1st high risk doctor appt. Both went well!  The high risk doctor (who we shall refer to as “hot doc”) wants me to do early testing for gestational diabetes. He is not concerned I have it, but because it’s twins he always tests early. And then again at 26 weeks. He also prescribed a prescription for Fiorcet!  This is a med for my headaches!  Thank goodness! 

We had a nice long ultrasound! I wish y’all could be there in person because it’s so much clearer than through a phone cam! 

Baby B
Baby A

That is the funniest pic of Baby A… just lounging with his/her knees up lol. 

We also found out he genders!  Well… we had hot doc put them in sealed envelope for a gender reveal party! 

THEE envelope

During the ultrasound we learned that both babies are weighing approximately 5 oz. Baby A (named A because it’s closest to my cervix) is hanging out right above my pubic bone. It is head down (obviously won’t stay that way).  Baby B is high!  It is hanging out behind my belly button and a little to the left. Also up and down, like A. They moved quite a bit 🙂 

Here is a quick video link to part of the ultrasound:
Hot doc also wants me to go back every 2 weeks until 26 weeks to check my cervical height. That is to ensure that my cervix is remaining strong enough to keep the babies in there. Right now, they want it to measure over a 3. Mine measured a 4. So that’s good!  I go back in 2 weeks for another check. 

Our next ultrasound is at 20 weeks and that will be the anatomy scan!  Hoping to see great pics of the babies!!!! 

Today I went for the first glucose test (for gestational diabetes). I had to drink the nasty orange drink that is PURE sugar. Have to drink it in less than 5 min. I chugged it down in 1 min! 💪🏼. Then had my blood drawn an hour later. Still waiting results but I hope I pass!!! 

Tomorrow, the 12th, is the gender reveal!  I think Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy. Well see!!!! 

I will update after the gender reveal tomorrow! 

Stay tuned….


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