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Pear or avocado?

15 weeks and 5 days. One app says the babies are the size of a pear:

One app says they are the size of an avocado:

About the same size but the pictures I took this morning helped to put it in perspective!  

The babies are getting stronger and i should be able to feel their movements on a regular basis soon!  

They also can start to hear my voice (muffled) so I’ll have to be more cognicent of the cuss words 😜

On Wednesday we go for the 16 week check!  We see both the OB and the high risk doctor!  Also, if babies cooperate, we are hoping to learn genders!  Yay! 

Stay tuned….


3 thoughts on “Pear or avocado?

  1. Lisa, This was all so exciting when I finally got pregnant after 4 years of infertility. It’s all new every day. And again, you ARE the greatest sister!

      1. Top.Dit ben je gewoon ten voete uit. Ik vind zoiets geweldig. Als ik ooit in Holland kom en in je buurt,ruik ik gewoon waar je woont en kijk ik even om het hoekje hoor!.Heb je nog meer vesegrinarn voor ons in petto? Je bent echt geweldig en husband boft.Love, Wilma

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