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9 weeks! 

Today I am 9 weeks 1 day 🙂 We had our first OB appointment!  Missi and Court came along.  We were so excited for this appointment because we knew we were getting another ultrasound! 

We met with the nurse practitioner who was amazing. She answered all my “stupid” questions I had. Then we did an ultrasound. We were just HOPING that the babies were still doing well. 

both twins

Both twins were measuring right on track at 9 weeks!  They both had strong heartbeats. The nurse practitioner told me that my uterus is measuring as if I were 12 weeks along, so it’s definitely growing!  

She also told us that because I am pregnant with twins this makes my pregnancy high risk. So, we are to see a high risk OB as well as my regular OB. This is just to have a specialist involved and to keep track of the babies’ growth etc. 

I will start out having appointments every 4 weeks with my regular OB. At 16 (Nov 9)weeks we start seeing the high risk OB along with my regular OB. We get an ultrasound at every visit!  A small perk of being pregnant with twins 🙂 

So.. nothing but good news to report!  I am feeling good. Minimal nausea but still extremely exhausted. 

I am weaning off my meds this week too so I hope that will make me feel a bit better!!! 

Next OB appt is October 19! Stay tuned….


2 thoughts on “9 weeks! 

  1. I love these updates ! Makes me feel as if I am there!!! So proud of you and all you are willing to go through for your sister and extra ice cream for a few months!!!

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