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Chugging along…

Almost 9 weeks along!  Feelin pretty good. The last week or so my hips and lower back have been quite a bit sore. I think I’m experiencing round ligament pain from everything stretching out 🙂 

My nausea is pretty much gone!  Which I’m happy about!  I did pick up a little bit of a cold this week but nothing too bad. The exhaustion still kicks my butt!  

Still doing PIO, progesterone supps, and estrogen daily. I start to taper off these meds this coming week!  Yay!!!!! 

I took this video this morning:

Click the blue PIO 🙂
I have my first OB visit on this coming Wednesday!  We get another ultrasound!  Missi and Court will be there too!  Can’t wait to see the little buggers!!!! 


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