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Pee on All the Sticks!!

Hey there!!!!  I haven’t forgotten about ya’ll!  It’s been about a month since I posted.  I really wasn’t able to update much until now!

If you recall, our transfer was on August 7th.  We transferred 2 embryos.  I peed on my first stick (home pregnancy test) on August 11th.  This would have been 4 days post transfer (4dpt).  It was negative.  I peed on a stick every day.


At 5.5dpt we got a “squinter” on a stick!  It was so faint you couldn’t even see it without manipulating the picture.  At 6dpt we got a line that was visible with the naked eye!


The line continued to get darker…

img_0551and darker…


We finally got a positive on a digital test!


And then this happened…

img_0661At 16dpt, my HCG levels were so high that the test pulled dye from the control line (on the right side).  For the first time making the left line darker than the right!

We knew I was pregnant.  I had to go in for beta testing on 8dpt, 10dpt, and 12dpt.  This involves me going to the clinic, them drawing my blood, and then they call later in the afternoon to tell me my HCG levels.

At 8dpt my levels were 109.5.  This confirmed the pregnancy.  We were so excited.  Now, that number (109.5) had to double on the next draw in order for the clinic to say that things were progressing great.  At 10dpt my beta level was 312.7!  It doubled!  This number had to, again, double.  At 12dpt, my beta level was 695.6!  Doubled!

We were officially pregnant!!!!  The ultrasound was scheduled for Sept 6, 2016.  At that point, I would be 7 weeks pregnant exactly.

The couple of weeks wait was brutal!!

On Sept 6, Missi, Court, and I showed up at 8:30 for our ultrasound.  I cant speak to how they were feeling but I was nervous.  I just wanted to be able to see a heartbeat so that we could say that everything was ok!

This ultrasound was vaginal.  So, our nurse (who we love), put the wand in and said right away, “I see two!”  My response was, “you see what?!”  BOTH EMBRYOS IMPLANTED!!!!!  I am pregnant with twins!!!!


Holy Cow!  All three of us were shocked! The 2nd embryo was a little “behind” and I honestly don’t think anyone (including Dr. M) expected that one to implant.  But here we are…with two babies!  The heartbeats were very strong!  138 bmp and 140 bmp.

(if you can’t see this video copy and paste the link into your browser to hear a heartbeat!)

So…how am I feeling?

Physically I feel pretty good!  I’ve had subtle nausea.  Food doesn’t sound good.  The only thing I want to eat is ice cream..which I try to avoid. lol.  The thought of my daily morning hard boiled eggs makes me want to throw up!  I have been eating Preggo Pops which is a hard candy that helps with the nausea.

My other complaint is exhaustion.  I am SO tired.  I am already falling asleep by 8:30pm every night.  On the weekends all I do is sleep.  It’s really not like me, but clearly my body is telling me I need sleep!

I have other common symptoms like sore boobs, mild cramping, and lower back pain (very mild).  I really don’t have many complaints!  I haven’t thrown up at all!  I’m hoping with being 7 weeks 1 day today that the morning sickness won’t get worse.

Obviously I have gained a little weight.  I feel like I’m mostly bloated.  My scale says I am up 2 lbs.  Hoping to keep the weight gain to a minimum…as much as possible with twins!

Missi, mom and I went maternity clothes shopping the other day.  Old Navy was having a great sale.  This was before we found out it was twins.  We picked up a couple items…that was fun!  Anxious to see what I’ll look like as I start showing…which I don’t think will be too much longer!

Doctor’s orders….

Continue on the progesterone and estrogen.  I get to start weaning off those meds on 9-20-2016.  Yay!  I can’t wait!  No more big shots in my hip and no more suppositories!!!!

I was released from the fertility clinic and all of my care will be through my OB moving forward.

Our first OB appointment is 9-21-2016.  We get another ultrasound on that date!  I will be 9 weeks that day!!!

Stay tuned……..



3 thoughts on “Pee on All the Sticks!!

  1. I can just imagine your (all your family) excitement! Congratulations to all. May your pregnancy proceed quickly and that you feel well. Twins . . . . . double to celebrate!

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