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Transfer day!!!!

Today, August 7, was transfer day. 

Missi picked me up around 8:45. We had to be at the clinic by 9:15am. My only instruction was to arrive with a full bladder. 

Sporting our transfer shirts (etsy) we headed to the clinic. 

When they called my name they took us back to the dressing rooms. I was to change into a gown and because Missi was coming in as well, she had to wear sterile clothing as well. My outfit was WAY better than hers! 😂

sporting the lucky socks!
hazmat suit?!
sister selfie

They then took us back to the procedure room. I was given a warm blanket. Dr M (our reproductive endocrinologist) came back. She was the Dr that was going to be doing the transfer. She told us that we had 3 embryos that made it to day 5!  Three out of 4 is not bad!  She said that she was comfortable transferring two based on the stage of the embryos. She stated that both of the better quality embryos were morulas. She said that 1 was on the cusp of being a blastocyst (what we want). She said the 2nd embryo was a little bit behind the first but still looked good. 
morula vs blastocyst
meet the embryos

The embryo on the right is the little bit better quality one. The one on the left is following closely. 
The embryologist stated that she performed “assisted hatching” which means she goes in and scrapes the cell lining a bit to encourage it to hatch. An embryo doesn’t implant in my uterus until it hatches. So that should help speed up the growth of the embryo…hopefully! They also said they put the embryos in “embryo lube” which is basically like glue. Once inserted into my uterus, the glue may help it implant. 

So, now that we’ve agreed to transfer two and we’ve signed the consent to do so it was time to enter the procedure room. At this point, I felt like I was going to pee if anyone touched my belly lol. 

I climbed up on the table and put my legs into GINORMOUS stirrups. The nurse tried to keep me covered but…nope..vagina showing to all in the room! Lol. 

I was cold, nervous, and had to pee. Lol. I was shaking. I’m sure that’s from the nerves. 😏

Dr M came in and started the process. It was supposed to be a quick 10 min process. She inserted the speculum. Then she threaded a tube up through my cervix into my uterus. Later, the embryos that are placed into a thin catheter like tube are thread up to my uterus through this first tube. 

Well, apparently my cervix is wonky. And she couldn’t get the first tube threaded through my cervix. She kept moving the speculum and trying to thread it through. It didn’t feel the best lol. She said something about having to take twists and turns.. 😳

Finally, she wiped all the lube off, took the speculum out, and had me go pee. I almost kissed her right smack on the lips!  I was so happy to pee. She told me she believes that my bladder was TOO full and it was hindering the tube going in process (yes, that’s the technical term). Having her move the speculum so much and then the gal pushing on my belly with the ultrasound wand…they were lucky I didn’t pee everywhere. 

She told me to go pee some, but not all. Oh boy. If any of you ever tried that, it’s not easy to stop! Lol. I tried!! 

So I came back, climbed back up on the table, and spread my legs… again. Dr M reinserts the speculum. It felt much better already!  She even said “that feels better!” 😳

A couple more minutes and she had the first tube threaded through my cervix and into my uterus. I felt very little… Maybe a little cramping. 

transfer process

Once she got the first tube in, she called for the embryos. They brought them in in a tube (catheter seen in image above). She threaded that through the first tube and into my uterus. Then she “squirts” them in. Missi was able to watch all of this on the ultrasound monitor. My view was obstructed by the ultrasound tech. That was it!  Speculum out!  I’m done!  The process took probably 20-25 min vs 10. But that’s ok! 
They were able to go back and play a video of the embryos entering my uterus. It was really cool!  They showed me my uterus and the tube on the screen. Then you could see just a little flicker. That was the embryos being “squirted” into the uterus. 

My only restrictions are to take it easy, no high impact stuff, and no sex. 

Afterwards we got dressed. The gals at the clinic were thrilled with our shirts and socks!  

proud surrogate

Dr M loved them so much she had to take a picture 😀 This is the same Doctor I mentioned in my previous post. The one that hugged me and cried about my car accident. Well, when she read the back of my shirt today she hugged me again. She’s such a nice lady! lol 
So now I’m home and relaxing. Missi came over and hung out for a few hours. We grubbed on chicken and noodles and chocolate! Mmmm!  

I feel pretty good. Some slight cramping but I think that is normal. 

Now we wait….. Positive thoughts, prayers, and lots of sticky baby dust! 


Stay tuned!!!!!


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    1. É um ótimo filme, porém coritaditónro para se ver nos dias dos namorados. Tecnicamente chama a atenção pela fotografia com os truques de câmera em imagens cruas, além do adoravel contexto que quebra o paradigma feminino de sofrer por amor não correspondido.

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