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Retrieval day!Β 

Today, August 2, was Missi’s retrieval!  Also on this day, I start progesterone. 

progesterone suppository
Progesterone in Oil (PIO)

My shot was a lot less eventful this time around πŸ˜€
So at 7:30am, Sophie and I jumped in the car and headed to pick up Missi. Sophie stayed at Missi’s house while we went to her egg retrieval. Missi’s dog, Kali, and Sophie like to play πŸ˜€

Missi quickly did my PIO injection and then we headed to the clinic. After calling us to the back, the nurse told me it would be a 2 hour wait. They put Missi under anesthesia for this procedure. The reason is, a needle has to be inserted into her uterus and then go THROUGH the uterine lining to reach the eggs in the ovaries. 

egg retrieval process
Missi is dressed and ready to go!

After about an hour and a half, someone called me from the waiting area. She took me to a small waiting area. She introduced herself as Dr. Maclin. She did Missi’s egg retrieval. I shook her hand and asked if we got lots of eggs. She stated that they retrieved 9 eggs. 
She then went on to say that she just “had to meet me.”  I was confused. She stated that she had heard about my accident and that I hit a semi head on. She stated that she couldn’t believe that I was ok and that I had 8383883282 guardian angels looking out for me. She stated that I walked away from the accident for a reason. I agreed with her and told her she was very sweet. I then noticed that she had tears in her eyes!  The doctor was crying. This escalated quickly! LOL. She then reached out to hug me and said through tears, “I know I just met you but…this is amazing.”  I told her it was great to meet her and that she is so sweet. She was a very very nice lady. Apparently word of my accident had spread through the whole office! πŸ˜‚ 

So, they retrieved 9 eggs. This afternoon they will inject the mature eggs with sperm. 

Tomorrow, August 3, they will call and update us on how many eggs matured and how many fertilized. Then we wait. The key is getting embryos to make it to day 5 when they are a blastocyst. 

growth of an embyro

The day 5 embryos (sometimes day 6) will be either transferred to me or frozen and saved for later. Obviously the number that are frozen depends on how many we transfer.  We won’t know how many make it to day 5 until TRANSFER DAY!!! 
We are now announcing that the transfer will be on Sunday, August 7th!  Less than one week!!!!!  

Missi is home and is resting. She is being cared for by the best nurse in town! 

Nurse Sophie

I will update when we know how many eggs matured and fertilized!

Stay tuned…..


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