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Some say I have OCD… 

There is always a lot of talk about organization when it comes to IVF.   Many people have to find ways to stay organized with their meds and supplies while keeping them out of the reach of children. Well… My dogs can’t reach my kitchen counter so that is the spot I have chosen. 😜

I am a firm believer that everything has a place. And it belongs in that place! Lol. I am super anal about some things (don’t frikken touch my desk at work!). I’m the same way with my meds and supplies.

I keep my med calendar close. I triple check the date each day to ensure I’m doing the right meds. Both mine and Missi’s calendars hang on the inside of my kitchen cabinet.

My med calendar hangs on the door.
I have all my OTC meds sitting on the first shelf. Tylenol, stool softner, Miralax, and prenatals. I take some of each every day. Lol.

OTC meds
Then on the counter I have my drawers full of meds (each drawer labeled obviously 😜). In each drawer is not only the med but also the syringe or other supplies needed for that particular med.

And obviously my sharps container is right on the counter as well.

my shot buddy
Sophie is usually nearby when I do my morning shot!

Once I start progesterone suppositories I put some in a Tupperware and place them in the bathroom next to the toilet. Gotta have those close!!!

Many people are often asking how others store their meds. Thought I would share!


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