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Looking for cures…

Since I started taking estrogen, I have been experiencing awful nausea!  It’s anytime after I eat and obviously in the morning after I take the estrogen pills.  The nausea was so bad that after having lunch with a friend the other day I almost had to have her pull over on the way back to work. Almost. I didn’t say anything because it’s kinda embarrassing!  Anywho, I saw someone talking about these supplements in one of the surrogacy Facebook groups. 

I picked some up today. I think they help. They don’t cure it, I still feel nauseous, but at least I can eat without standing over the toilet right after! Lol   I’m pretty excited!  I hope the nausea does even out so I don’t have to take these all day. I can take 1 pill 4x a day. This is a box of 30 and it cost $9….so… That can add up quick! 

Also, today is day 1 of no coffee at all. I felt tired and I have a headache but nothing I can’t live with. 

My next ultrasound is Monday August 1st. This is for a lining check to make sure my uterus is getting fluffy!  

Stay tuned… 


2 thoughts on “Looking for cures…

  1. If over the counter meds don’t help the nausea you could try asking for “Diclegis” from your doctor it’s a prescription medicine for me it worked miracles when I was pregnant with surrogate twins but I will worn you it isn’t approved by all insurances and is pretty costly if you have to pay out of pocket for it. Best wishes what you are doing is an amazing thing!

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