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Makin’ eggs…

Yesterday, July 22, I started estrogen. If you recall, I put a small patch on my abdomen and orally take a pill. Estrogen is easy to administer. I change the patch every other day. On Monday I increase the dose and take 2 pills. 

I also cut back my coffee to 9 ounces in the morning. Honestly, out of all the injections, meds, and doctors appointments, cutting back caffeine is going to be the hardest!!!! I probably drink at least 15-20 ounces of coffee a day. So…yesterday and today have been tough with only 9 oz.  I definitely drink every drop and then lick the mug! Hahah 

My goal is to be at zero ounces (or damn near close) by transfer. Challenge accepted! 💪🏼

My breakfast…
estrogen patch

I am still on the good ole Lupron. But no complaints there this time. 

For some reason, the estrogen is tough this time around. I took it at 7:40ish in the morning yesterday and about 1pm this was me at work: 

Not only was I exhausted but I felt like someone had opened my head and filled my whole body with sand. Weird huh?  I also have an obnoxious headache and some nausea.  Thankfully I was able to crawl in bed last night and it’s the weekend! 

I also started Pom juice yesterday. I was originally going to mix it with diet 7up but I didn’t like that flavoring so I picked up diet Sprite (which..after searching a couple apparently Sprite Zero. Lol. Who knew?!). Pom juice and Sprite Zero isn’t too bad. It tastes like a bad mixed drink. Unfortunately I don’t get the alcohol in it 😜  Eight ounces a day. 

Missi starts her meds today!  This is exciting!  Her meds are completely different than mine, obviously. Our bodies are doing different things. She is prepping her body to make eggs for the embryos. I’m prepping my body to carry the embryos (babies). 

Yesterday, July 22, she had an ultrasound to check and make sure everything looks good!  A was very pleased with her ovaries! 

Appointment is not complete without a selfie!

Missi is taking:

  • Gonal F: this is the primary medication that consists of Follicle Stimulating Hormone. This med makes the follicles (eggs in her ovaries) grow. We are doing a pretty large dose in hopes of getting lots of eggs! 
  • Menopur: this medication contained Follicle Stimulating Hormone and luteinizing hormone. This is to help the eggs grow and is supposed to boost the quality of the eggs. 
  • Cetrotide: cetrotide blocks the effects of a natural hormone called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH controls the secretion of another hormone, called luteinizing hormone (LH). LH induces ovulation during the menstrual cycle. Missi will take this the last couple days of ovarian stimulation to prevent premature ovulation. 
  • Lupron trigger: the Lupron trigger stimulates ovulation. Lupron can be used to put your body into a menopausal state and prevent ovulation (this is why I take it). But in a larger dose, it can be used to trigger ovulation.  Lupron does this by releasing a large amount of the LH hormone which then prepares the eggs to release. By using the Lupron trigger versus the standard HCG trigger it also helps prevent ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome which Missi has had in the past. 

A few days after she takes the Lupron trigger, we do the retrieval!  I’m so lucky that Missi has asked me to come to some of her own later appointments (numerous ultrasounds) AND the retrieval. Unfortunately (but fortunately for me!) Court is gone on military leave so I get to go. I think it will be fascinating to see how things progress and work on her side!  I will keep you guys updated as I learn more! 

Time for today’s dose of meds and some speed cleaning before I get too tired! Lol. Have a great weekend and stay tuned….


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