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Find Joy in the Journey…

My sister bought us matching bracelets. I love it!  We both (especially me) need to be reminded of this often. I have been wearing my bracelet everyday!!! 

So a little update. I started Lupron again on July 10th. I’m so happy to say that my side effects have been minimal compared to my mock cycle. A little tired (nothing to complain about) and a little nausea. Last night was weird. I was eating my normal chicken I have for dinner and mid bite I got a huge surge of nausea, ran to the bathroom and barfed!!!!! Blech! It was so random. I have had nausea on and off since but nothing too bad!  

Tomorrow, July 22, I start estrogen. If this cycle is anything like the last, I won’t have too many side effects. Maybe a few more tears šŸ™‚ 

Missi also asked me to start drinking Pom juice. It is supposed to help increase the blood flow to your uterus helping to make the lining fluffier for implantation. So I will start drinking that (8oz) each day. 

It’s gross šŸ˜œ

I had lunch with a friend, Amy, today. I’m gonna be honest…I was complaining to her about how I have to cut down on caffeine (coffee) for pregnancy. I love my morning coffee. I also told her that Missi mentioned cutting back on caffeine prior to transfer. Amy (said friend) told me that caffeine can increase the chance of miscarriage. I grumbled. 

Thankfully, she gave me some suggestions to try instead of coffee in the morning. 

Then our conversation changed to our daily work. I have not talked about my work much but in an earlier post I told you I would expand on that later. Well now is later :). I work for Child Protective Services.  My job is to investigate child abuse and neglect. When someone makes a report to the hotline, it is my job to go out to the family’s home and investigate the allegation. I work with lots of drug users, mental health, gang involvement, physical abuse, sexual abuse…the list goes on! 

During lunch, Amy and I voiced our frustration about how clients can use meth (or other drugs) during their whole pregnancy and have healthy children. So many out there are struggling with infertility. Sometimes things just don’t seem fair!  And if they don’t stop using meth why should I have to stop caffeine?! 

Well, I get it lol. And I am going to try to cut back on my coffee in the morning. And I will absolutely lay off the meth. šŸ˜œ

After starting estrogen, not much changes until August 4 when I start PIO and suppositories again. 

Also, coming before too long Missi will have her egg retrieval! I will update more on that and her meds next time! 

Stay tuned…..


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