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Thankful for today…

So yesterday, August 30, I was headed to an ultrasound to check my uterine lining.  I was meeting my sister at the clinic  I left my home at about 7:10am.  At 7:15am, this happened:


I was driving straight when a semi truck decided to pull out in front of me.  I slammed on my breaks and I couldn’t stop.  I skidded and hit the semi head on in his trailer.  The semi looked just like this:


I remember skidding and saying “GO GO GO” hoping that he would speed up and I would somehow miss hitting him.  And then I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to avoid hitting him and I was going to wreck.  I braced myself on the steering wheel.  I remember feeling the impact.  I remember hearing the crunch.  I had a cup of water with me in the car and that flew everywhere.  My purse flew.

I put the car in park and opened the door.  By the time I got the door open there was a gentleman that had ran to my driver’s side door.  He was apparently driving behind me and saw what happened.  He said “my wife is calling the police.  Are you ok??”  I remember just sitting there for a minute.  He just kept telling me “you’re ok.  you’re ok.”  He said that he was behind me and that he saw that I had a green light and that the semi ran the red light.  He then told me that he had to take his wife to work (that is where he was headed) but that he wanted to give me his name and number for the police report as a witness.  He was so very kind.  I got out of the car and he continued to ask me if I was ok.  His wife got out of her car and came up and hugged me.  I was so lucky that someone stopped.  I was so lucky that these people were so kind to me.  I called my sister and told her what happened and that I wouldn’t be at the appointment.  Obviously she said she would have her ultrasound quick and then would come straight to the scene.  I called my mom.  It was like 7:30 by this time.  Thank God she answered.  I remember saying “mom, I’ve been in a really bad accident, can you just come here?”  Both of my parents jumped in the car and headed straight over.  They live about 20-25 min away so I was left standing on the corner by myself.  Just staring at my car.

One of the first thoughts I had was “thank GOD we hadn’t transferred yet.”  I knew that an impact like that would probably effect a pregnancy.  And then I thought “ugh!  My car was paid off.  Now I have to have a car payment!”  Selfish, I know.

The officer arrived.  He asked me if I was ok and if I needed a medic, which I declined.  He got my side of the story and took my information.  I gave him the information of the very kind man who stopped (as a witness).  The officer then went and talked with the other driver.  They walked around the semi truck a couple of times.  The officer came back over to me and said “do you know where exactly you hit him?”  I told him I did not and I asked why.  He stated that there wasn’t a single mark on the semi truck.  I rolled my eyes and giggled and said “well, there is on my Kia.”  The officer laughed and said “ya, the Kia lost.”  He also said that he believes my car might have gone underneath the semi a bit and that he’s shocked I walked away from the accident.  He, too, was very kind.  He walked to his car to start his report and run our information.  He ended up citing the truck driver with “failure to yield.”

I stood there waiting for my mom, dad, and sister.  And then I looked at the semi.  If you look at the picture above you see the black things underneath the bed of the truck.  I don’t know much about semis but I know those are not present on every truck.  Can you imagine what would have happened to my car if those wouldn’t have been there?  I’m assuming I would have been lodged all the way under his truck and there is no way I would have not received serious injury.  Thank goodness for those black things (whatever they are). lol.

My family showed up.  We called a tow truck.  They towed my car to a collision center that is not too far from my home.  I am assuming my car will totaled 😩

​I called my insurance and let them know.  I tried to call the other driver’s but apparently they don’t have a weekend 24/7 number.  So I have to do that Monday.  So, the next chore is finding a rental car.  I had to have a car to drive.  So my family and I head over to Enterprise.  We ask for an economy car.  I swear, they gave me the ugliest car on the lot. lol.  A Nissan Versa.  (sorry if anyone drives this car…lol)

After coming home, I spent the day relaxing.  I was exhausted because of the adrenaline rush.  I laid on the couch and snuggled puppies.  And slept.  A lot.

Today, I am sore.  My neck and shoulders are very tight.  I have a bruise on my left shoulder from the seatbelt.  And my chest is sore from the seatbelt as well.  But that’s it!  I realize it could be a lot worse!  I am up and moving (in fact I cleaned my whole house this morning) and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to move today!

Small bruise on my shoulder from the seatbelt

Long story short, someone was watching out for me.  I’m not sure who it was, but I sure have a guardian angel!  I am well.   And I fully realize that it could have (and should have) been a lot worse.  Please, wear your seatbelt!

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Some say I have OCD… 

There is always a lot of talk about organization when it comes to IVF.   Many people have to find ways to stay organized with their meds and supplies while keeping them out of the reach of children. Well… My dogs can’t reach my kitchen counter so that is the spot I have chosen. 😜

I am a firm believer that everything has a place. And it belongs in that place! Lol. I am super anal about some things (don’t frikken touch my desk at work!). I’m the same way with my meds and supplies.

I keep my med calendar close. I triple check the date each day to ensure I’m doing the right meds. Both mine and Missi’s calendars hang on the inside of my kitchen cabinet.

My med calendar hangs on the door.
I have all my OTC meds sitting on the first shelf. Tylenol, stool softner, Miralax, and prenatals. I take some of each every day. Lol.

OTC meds
Then on the counter I have my drawers full of meds (each drawer labeled obviously 😜). In each drawer is not only the med but also the syringe or other supplies needed for that particular med.

And obviously my sharps container is right on the counter as well.

my shot buddy
Sophie is usually nearby when I do my morning shot!

Once I start progesterone suppositories I put some in a Tupperware and place them in the bathroom next to the toilet. Gotta have those close!!!

Many people are often asking how others store their meds. Thought I would share!

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Looking for cures…

Since I started taking estrogen, I have been experiencing awful nausea!  It’s anytime after I eat and obviously in the morning after I take the estrogen pills.  The nausea was so bad that after having lunch with a friend the other day I almost had to have her pull over on the way back to work. Almost. I didn’t say anything because it’s kinda embarrassing!  Anywho, I saw someone talking about these supplements in one of the surrogacy Facebook groups. 

I picked some up today. I think they help. They don’t cure it, I still feel nauseous, but at least I can eat without standing over the toilet right after! Lol   I’m pretty excited!  I hope the nausea does even out so I don’t have to take these all day. I can take 1 pill 4x a day. This is a box of 30 and it cost $9….so… That can add up quick! 

Also, today is day 1 of no coffee at all. I felt tired and I have a headache but nothing I can’t live with. 

My next ultrasound is Monday August 1st. This is for a lining check to make sure my uterus is getting fluffy!  

Stay tuned… 

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Makin’ eggs…

Yesterday, July 22, I started estrogen. If you recall, I put a small patch on my abdomen and orally take a pill. Estrogen is easy to administer. I change the patch every other day. On Monday I increase the dose and take 2 pills. 

I also cut back my coffee to 9 ounces in the morning. Honestly, out of all the injections, meds, and doctors appointments, cutting back caffeine is going to be the hardest!!!! I probably drink at least 15-20 ounces of coffee a day. So…yesterday and today have been tough with only 9 oz.  I definitely drink every drop and then lick the mug! Hahah 

My goal is to be at zero ounces (or damn near close) by transfer. Challenge accepted! 💪🏼

My breakfast…
estrogen patch

I am still on the good ole Lupron. But no complaints there this time. 

For some reason, the estrogen is tough this time around. I took it at 7:40ish in the morning yesterday and about 1pm this was me at work: 

Not only was I exhausted but I felt like someone had opened my head and filled my whole body with sand. Weird huh?  I also have an obnoxious headache and some nausea.  Thankfully I was able to crawl in bed last night and it’s the weekend! 

I also started Pom juice yesterday. I was originally going to mix it with diet 7up but I didn’t like that flavoring so I picked up diet Sprite (which..after searching a couple apparently Sprite Zero. Lol. Who knew?!). Pom juice and Sprite Zero isn’t too bad. It tastes like a bad mixed drink. Unfortunately I don’t get the alcohol in it 😜  Eight ounces a day. 

Missi starts her meds today!  This is exciting!  Her meds are completely different than mine, obviously. Our bodies are doing different things. She is prepping her body to make eggs for the embryos. I’m prepping my body to carry the embryos (babies). 

Yesterday, July 22, she had an ultrasound to check and make sure everything looks good!  A was very pleased with her ovaries! 

Appointment is not complete without a selfie!

Missi is taking:

  • Gonal F: this is the primary medication that consists of Follicle Stimulating Hormone. This med makes the follicles (eggs in her ovaries) grow. We are doing a pretty large dose in hopes of getting lots of eggs! 
  • Menopur: this medication contained Follicle Stimulating Hormone and luteinizing hormone. This is to help the eggs grow and is supposed to boost the quality of the eggs. 
  • Cetrotide: cetrotide blocks the effects of a natural hormone called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH controls the secretion of another hormone, called luteinizing hormone (LH). LH induces ovulation during the menstrual cycle. Missi will take this the last couple days of ovarian stimulation to prevent premature ovulation. 
  • Lupron trigger: the Lupron trigger stimulates ovulation. Lupron can be used to put your body into a menopausal state and prevent ovulation (this is why I take it). But in a larger dose, it can be used to trigger ovulation.  Lupron does this by releasing a large amount of the LH hormone which then prepares the eggs to release. By using the Lupron trigger versus the standard HCG trigger it also helps prevent ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome which Missi has had in the past. 

A few days after she takes the Lupron trigger, we do the retrieval!  I’m so lucky that Missi has asked me to come to some of her own later appointments (numerous ultrasounds) AND the retrieval. Unfortunately (but fortunately for me!) Court is gone on military leave so I get to go. I think it will be fascinating to see how things progress and work on her side!  I will keep you guys updated as I learn more! 

Time for today’s dose of meds and some speed cleaning before I get too tired! Lol. Have a great weekend and stay tuned….

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Find Joy in the Journey…

My sister bought us matching bracelets. I love it!  We both (especially me) need to be reminded of this often. I have been wearing my bracelet everyday!!! 

So a little update. I started Lupron again on July 10th. I’m so happy to say that my side effects have been minimal compared to my mock cycle. A little tired (nothing to complain about) and a little nausea. Last night was weird. I was eating my normal chicken I have for dinner and mid bite I got a huge surge of nausea, ran to the bathroom and barfed!!!!! Blech! It was so random. I have had nausea on and off since but nothing too bad!  

Tomorrow, July 22, I start estrogen. If this cycle is anything like the last, I won’t have too many side effects. Maybe a few more tears 🙂 

Missi also asked me to start drinking Pom juice. It is supposed to help increase the blood flow to your uterus helping to make the lining fluffier for implantation. So I will start drinking that (8oz) each day. 

It’s gross 😜

I had lunch with a friend, Amy, today. I’m gonna be honest…I was complaining to her about how I have to cut down on caffeine (coffee) for pregnancy. I love my morning coffee. I also told her that Missi mentioned cutting back on caffeine prior to transfer. Amy (said friend) told me that caffeine can increase the chance of miscarriage. I grumbled. 

Thankfully, she gave me some suggestions to try instead of coffee in the morning. 

Then our conversation changed to our daily work. I have not talked about my work much but in an earlier post I told you I would expand on that later. Well now is later :). I work for Child Protective Services.  My job is to investigate child abuse and neglect. When someone makes a report to the hotline, it is my job to go out to the family’s home and investigate the allegation. I work with lots of drug users, mental health, gang involvement, physical abuse, sexual abuse…the list goes on! 

During lunch, Amy and I voiced our frustration about how clients can use meth (or other drugs) during their whole pregnancy and have healthy children. So many out there are struggling with infertility. Sometimes things just don’t seem fair!  And if they don’t stop using meth why should I have to stop caffeine?! 

Well, I get it lol. And I am going to try to cut back on my coffee in the morning. And I will absolutely lay off the meth. 😜

After starting estrogen, not much changes until August 4 when I start PIO and suppositories again. 

Also, coming before too long Missi will have her egg retrieval! I will update more on that and her meds next time! 

Stay tuned…..

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Down time…

Hey there!  So, I went back for another ultrasound on 6-22-16. My lining had increased from 9.2 to 11.2!!!  This is great news and A was very pleased!  She was able to see both ovaries and said they were doing just what they were supposed to be doing… Nothing!  Ha. 

On this same date I was able to stop all meds and wait for a period. I got my period a few days later and I’m now back on birth control anticipating starting my next (real) round of meds!  

Since we have such a short amount of time where both Missi and I are both off meds and feelin great, we snuck in a trip to Kansas City and conquered Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. It was so nice to get away for a quick trip! 

We look so nasty in the above pic!  This was after like… 12 hours of both parks in 97 degree heat! Hah! 

So, this Thursday the 7th we go back to the attorney’s office to sign our contact!  That will be 100% done!  On Friday the 8th we all three go see A at the clinic. This visit is to sign consents (to treat) and get our hard copy of our (mine and Missi’s) next med calendars. I start Lupron again on the 10th!  

Egg retrieval and transfer are coming up quick!!!!! 

Stay tuned….