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On 5-25-16 we had a BIG day!  Missi and I arrived at the clinic at 8 am for my saline ultrasound and an appointment with A, our clinic coordinator.

After they called my name they led us both back to an exam room.  In the room my eyes first went to the large chair with stirrups and an ultrasound machine.  They made me pee in a cup to ensure I wasn’t pregnant and then told me to strip my pants off!  AWKWARD!

I climbed up in the chair and draped the sheet over my who-ha.  We waited.  And waited.  Finally the doctor came in.

She described the saline ultrasound process and why it is needed.

Why is a saline ultrasound needed:

To check for polyps or fibroids on the uterus.  Also to check for ovarian cysts.

How a saline ultrasound performed:

The procedure begins with a transvaginal ultrasound examination.  After this is completed, a narrow tub is placed through the cervix into the uterine cavity, and the ultrasound exam is continued while sterile saline is instilled into the uterine cavity.  The uterine cavity is filled with sterile saline in order to improve detail of images of the uterine cavity.  Space-occupying abnormalities such as polyps and fibroids are usually very well visualized with this technique.

So, I put my feet into the stirrups and prepare myself for this fun experience.  I’ve read a lot about the process and heard that I might experience mild cramping but that it is a fairly simple procedure and only takes a few minutes.

I definitely experienced cramping.  Apparently according to the doctor, I have a “small cervix.”  Is this a good thing??  Is this a bad thing??  Who knows!  But I definitely felt cramping.

The doctor was very kind and showed both Missi and I on the screen what she was looking at.  Of course, I just saw a bunch of black and grey snow but she says it was my uterus.  And she says my uterus scores an A+.  I mean…YAY! This was great news.  I was worried they would find something.  Not for any reason other than I worry about everything.  The doctor says she has no concerns and she is clearing my uterus!  Way to go uterus!

At that point, I’m allowed to get dressed.  They give me a pad to wear because I might “leak” some of the saline.  Following the ultrasound we went and met with A.  A was going to go over all my meds and show me how to do my first injection for the mock cycle.

We were led to a comfy little family room with couches.  A comes in and congratulates me on my perfect uterus (“um..thanks!”)  She shows me my med schedule (which I’ll share later) but states that we are going to start the mock cycle with Lupron.  Lupron is used to suppress my ovaries and prevent me from ovulating.  A tells me that I’m on such a low dose that I shouldn’t feel many side effects.  Lupron is the one drug I have been worried about.  I have read so many bad things about all the side effects.  Headaches, nausea, bitchiness, the list goes on.  I was nervous but relieved when she told me I shouldn’t have any side effects.

A instructs me to go to the restroom and wash my hands.  I stand up to leave the room and I was so thankful I had put that pad on!  GUSH! ha! (TMI…sorry).

I’ve been nervous about giving myself a shot.  I imagine that it’s going to take me awhile to be able to “stick it in.” A shows me how to draw the needle back, stick in the vial of Lupron, pull the meds in.  She then says “now just stick it in.”  Hmmm.  All eyes are on me.  I feel myself being stared at by both Missi and A.  In my head I’m telling myself “don’t look like a frikken idiot.  Just do it!”  Thankfully, the Lupron needle is super small.  I just kinda (I think) closed my eyes and stuck it in.  Then I pushed the plunger and the meds went in.  THAT’S IT!  I could barely feel it!  It was easy!  I could see the relief in Missi’s eyes that I didn’t freak out.  She knew I had been nervous about this…

I stay on Lupron for awhile and add in my other hormones in about a week and a half.  I don’t go back for an appointment until 6-15 and 6-22.  Those appointments are ultrasounds where they check the progress of my uterine lining.  They want to make sure that the lining is getting nice and “fluffy” to prepare it for implantation.

The last part of this appointment was getting my blood drawn.  No big deal.  Four vials of blood.  They test for infectious diseases and STDs.  No worry there 🙂

All done!  Final medical clearance!  First injection!  We are chugging right along and I feel great leaving the office.

Almost to the minute, about 3 hours after I took the Lupron shot it hit me!  I was driving in my car (I do home visits for my job) and suddenly felt like someone ran me over with a truck.  I felt like my body was full of sand and I was EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED.  It was crazy!  A short while later, I got hit with a big wave of nausea.  To where I almost threw up about 3 times!  And then…I started to sweat.  MY FIRST HOT FLASH!  It was awful!  I kept cursing A in my head.  She said no side effects!  What the HELL is happening to my body?!  I literally parked the car back at my office and sat there for 20 minutes wondering where I was going to get the energy to get out of the damn car!  I could barely move!

I felt pretty crummy the rest of the day.  The severe exhaustion went away but then I was just tired.  Like the feeling after an intense work out.  I could definitely tell that my body was going through some stuff!  I was able to eat a small dinner that night and relax.  The hot flashes went away.

I also started my prenatal vitamins.  HOLY HUGE PILL!


I slept like a rock.

Stay tuned…..


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