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You want me to stick that WHERE?! 

On Thursday, I received my medications. The fertility pharmacy just mails them to you!  Pretty convenient. 

So, in this discrete FedEx box I pull out the following:

  • A sharps container
  • Estrogen patches
  • Estrogen pills
  • Estrogen suppositories 
  • A vial of Lupron
  • A vial of Progesterone (in sesame oil)
  • And needles. Lots and lots of needles. 

So as I’m sorting everything out, I pick up the needles intended for the progesterone injection. Holy shit balls!  This sucker is huge. I’m aware that the progesterone injection is intermuscular, so it has to be a LONG need to hit your muscle. But the size of this thing….

Have I mentioned I hate needles?  This shot goes in my butt/hip area which means I cannot do this injection myself. Don’t worry, I’ve recruited lucky friends (more on that later). 

I’m not gonna lie, I panicked a bit. How am I’m going to let someone jam this thing in my ass?!  The needles needed for Lupron are smaller, thank goodness. Lupron gets injected in my belly and I’ll be doing those myself. 

I can imagine how this first injection is going to go. I have 3 days to work myself up to being able to stick a needle in my own belly.  The internal fight is going to be hilarious… I can just see it now. “Just do it!”  “No!”  “Just do it now!”  “Ahhh”

As I kept thinking, I became a little sad. I thought of all these women out in the world that are struggling with infertility. So many women live with doing these injections for years and years just in hopes of getting pregnant with a child. The panic subsides and I decide that this is the least I can do. I can suffer through weeks of injections to (hopefully) give my sister and her husband a baby. 

This is all becoming more and more real!  On Tuesday we have our appointment with the attorneys to draft our contract. On Wednesday I have my saline ultrasound and start medication. Hoping for good news this week! 

I apologize for not updating until now but there wasn’t much to update about!  This week, I will have lots to report! 

Stay tuned…


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