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I just wanted to share KETVs news story with you!!

KETV legislative bill story

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The big day!

Melissa and I spent the day in Lincoln, Nebraska attending the Legislative hearing for LB 795. This is the bill we are trying to get passed. Basically, the bill would allow for an “Acknowledgement of Maternity” which means the biological mother would go on the birth certificate (not the carrier) at birth! This would eliminate the whole adoption process!

We testified before the Judiciary Committee today. If they decide to move the bill on, it will be taken to the floor for debate.

A friend has recorded our testimony, so once she has that uploaded to YouTube I will share it!

We also had KETVs Andrew Ozaki with us and he filmed the hearing and we did a short interview with him. KETV will air a short story TONIGHT at 10! If you don’t live in the viewing area, you can stream it live at KETV.

Senator McDonnell did a fantastic job prepping for this bill. He believes we will have enough votes to push it through; however, we did get some push back from one Senator. We are hoping to smooth things over with him prior to the vote!

It was a long, exhausting, emotional day for both of us! We are so excited to hear the outcome!

One year ago…

KETVs Julie Cornell’s original story

Stay tuned…!

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Playing catch up…!

Hi there!!! I know it’s been a few months since I’ve updated! All is well over here. The girls are 10 months old!!!


Tierney, top. Ashlynn, bottom.

Ashlynn is now crawling. Tierney, we think, is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking! Ashlynn loves ALL food (she is SO Auten). Tierney is a picky eater, but is learning to enjoy table foods!

The girls had a great first Christmas!

As I mentioned before, we have been working with Senator McDonnells office here in Nebraska. We are attempting to amend Nebraska law to include being a gestational carrier. We want to add an “acknowledgment of maternity” which everyone would sign prior to the birth acknowledging that the intended mother IS the mother (and not the carrier). This would then allow the intended mother to go on the birth certificate at birth!

Our hearing/testimony is this Friday, February 2nd in Lincoln. If you would like to stream the hearing-here is the link:


Click the judiciary link – room 1113 to watch.

I will update you after the hearing!!!

Stay tuned!!!!

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6 months! 

Six months ago, almost to the minute now (my appt was at 3:30) I was sitting on my couch like a beached whale. Dreading getting up and getting dressed because it took so much effort. I was using my belly as a table for my pasta. I even took pics that day!! 

I had no idea those would be my last belly pics! 

Our appt with hot doc was at 3:30. We were anticipating a c section the following day so this was supposed to be a quick follow up! 

That didn’t happen!  

My blood pressure had gone up and I had a headache (signs of preeclampsia) so hot doc decided to deliver that day!  

They wheeled me over to the hospital and Tierney was born at 6:40 and Ashlynn was born at 6:41!  What a crazy day! 

Here are the little nuggets today! 

They are sitting up by themselves and they love baby food!  Tierney (left) is more reserved and shy. Ashlynn loves to smile and will talk to anyone!  She’s a busy body!  They are both so unique. I love them so much!  

I even got to see them today – my sister needed help for a bit so I helped her with the girls. 

Ashlynn and I
Tierney and I

Happy six months girls!  Aunt Lisa loves you!